Date:June 4, 2020

What If Dinosaurs Were Alive?

What would life be if dinosaurs were alive today?

Scientist argues that dinosaurs are alive and we see them every day! Wait, what? Well, one subgroup of dinosaurs are still roaming the Earth today: the birds.

A comparison of the amino acid sequence from T. Rex collagen to a database of existing sequences from modern species showed it shared a remarkable similarity to that of chickens. In fact, T. Rex is more closely related to chickens than alligators.

So dinosaurs poop on your car, visit your feeders and feed you well on Thanksgiving. But I assume you meant what would happen if the extinct, non-bird dinosaurs could somehow roam the Earth today.

Scientists are working on the idea of recovering preserved DNA and cloning long-dead dinos but it’s a challenging proposition. In Japan, they are trying to clone a wooly mammoth which was extinct only 8,000 years ago and it’s a challenging proposition, while the last dinosaur walked on the surface of the earth 66 million years ago, so the chances of finding DNA fragments that are robust enough to resurrect are slim.

So after all, chances aren’t great that we will ever need to worry about dinosaurs anymore.

Around 66 million years ago, a 14km-wide asteroid smashed into our planet. Around three-quarters of all species went extinct and no animal bigger than a Labrador dog survived.

According to researchers at the University of Texas, if the asteroid struck Earth just a few minutes earlier, it would have hit the deep ocean rather than the shallow sea of the Yucatan Peninsula in present-day Mexico. Had that been the case, then the damage would have been more localized. Some of the dinosaurs far from the impact site might have survived.

They say running keeps the body warm but that might also make you taste better. In an alternate universe, if we did survive alongside these prehistoric beasts, it’s possible we could see a real live T-Rex in a protected reserve, not unlike Jurassic Park. Human population growth and excessive hunting would’ve likely driven larger dinosaurs to near extinction.

Some scientist argues that if dinosaurs were still alive, mammals would never exist because they would be easy prey for them. Humans, as a far descendant of mammals, would not exist today either.

So the only reasons you are here watching this video today is because 66 million years ago the earth was in the right place at the right time.

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