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May 31, 2023

Chinese Kissing Device With Lifelike Silicone Lips Enables You To Kiss Anyone You Want Online

Chinese Kissing Gadget: A Blend of Creepiness and Charm for Some, While Seen as Practical by Others

Enthusiasm is building for a groundbreaking innovation from Chinese technology experts that allows you to share a smooch with a cherished one, regardless of the vast distances between you. Delve into the capabilities of this unique device and decide for yourself if it has you exclaiming, “Take my money already.”

The Chinese Kissing Device helps promote monogamous love.

This authentic-feeling Chinese kissing gadget, featuring dynamic lips, aims to facilitate a genuine connection for long-distance couples. While it allows for smooching total strangers, the intention is to promote committed, monogamous relationships, with mutual consent required for use.

Crafted from silicone, the device’s “lips” incorporate sensors that mimic the actual pressure, motion, and warmth of a partner’s lips. This enables the gadget to transmit a precise duplicate of the kiss to your loved one’s device, operating in conjunction with a mobile phone app.

It has already proven to be a lifesaver for many individuals.

Each kissing gadget costs $38 at the retail level. People who shop on the e-commerce site Taobao are already buying more than 100 devices per month.

According to customer feedback, people are grateful for the opportunity to experience an intimate moment with their loved ones. “Thank you, technology,” one very happy customer said, revealing that he has been in a monogamous relationship with a long-distance girlfriend for years.

The Chinese Kissing Device’s creator, who goes by the surname Jiang, said he developed it while separated from his long-distance partner for 7 years.

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