Date:October 21, 2020

These Shelter Pets Were Taken On A Field Trip To Meet Their Exotic Relatives At The Local Zoo

Well, many of us were bored during this quarantine, and some enjoyed this time. But most of all animals had so much more entertaining time. Many of them, stray and wild, got the chance to roam the empty streets, fish for snacks in our dumpsters, or even take naps in vacant malls.

But the zoo animals had the most fun, they had the chance to meet up with other residents in the facility. They even hanged out with ‘foreign’ friends when shelter cats and dogs visited them during an awesome field trip!

The Animal Defense League of Texas, last month, decided to take a few of its residents to the San Antonio Zoo. During this one-of-a-kind opportunity that only happened thanks to the quarantine, kittens and dogs had the chance to meet up and interact with a variety of other animals such as lions, leopards, monkeys, giraffes, and other interesting creatures they definitely don’t see every day. And they enjoyed themselves. The videos provided by the shelter showed pets wagging their tails at their new, unfamiliar friends.

All the animals were able to have such a unique experience with this event and it was enthralling to see them interact with each other. Carla, the 7-month old white lab-mix was the most intrigued by all the zoo animals. Her favorite being the Giraffes, who seemed equally as curious to see such a strange animal in front of them. Our kittens were in awe of the Hippos and fish, while Ella, the 6-year old black lab-mix thoroughly enjoyed watching the gibbons swing from rope to rope,” said Development and Marketing Manager for the Animal Defense League of Texas (ADL), Michelle Thorson.

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ADL, the oldest, true no-kill shelter in the state of Texas, has faced many overwhelming challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. So did the San Antonio Zoo. Michelle said; “ADL and our neighbors at the San Antonio Zoo felt a shared impact from the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in a devastating decrease in essential revenues and fundraising support. Our two organizations wanted a way to bring awareness to the unique programs we as care providers offer to our resident animals, big and small. Few are aware that both of our organizations have similar foster and enrichment programs that are vital to the health and wellbeing of our animals. Sharing this fun visit on our social media platforms was a way for us to engage with our wonderful community while offering enrichment to the pets at both the shelter and zoo.

She encourages people to lend a helping hand during these tough times. “We continue our work tirelessly to produce a life-saving performance that set new records, as with nearly all other entities, the pandemic forced the closure of ADL’s elective low-cost services such as public spay/neuter and wellness clinics, which historically generate income to fund our life-saving programs. Now more than ever we are needing additional funding support to help sustain our strategic programs and ensure we can continue to serve the animals and members of our community in need. Those in the position to help can adopt, foster, volunteer, or donate!” Click here for more information on how you can help.

Below you can watch the video of the field trip: