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May 30, 2023

Take Off To New Destinations: These Are 10 Of The Safest Airlines Of 2023

Thanks to strict regulations and rigorous standards, commercial aviation is one of the safest forms of travel.

Find out which made the top 10 in 2022!

The safety criteria that were considered for each airline were the following safety standards:

  • Audits from governing and industry bodies
  • Crash and serious incident records
  • Profitability
  • Safety initiatives
  • Fleet age
  • And even COVID-19 protocols!


As the leading airline in London, the largest international aviation market globally, and the top European carrier, British Airways ensures seamless and hassle-free travel experiences to your desired destinations.

With an extensive fleet of nearly 300 aircraft and serving over 40 million customers annually, British Airways is your trusted companion in exploring the wonders of the world!


38 years ago, the visionary entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson established the remarkable Virgin Atlantic.

Today, it has become a worldwide phenomenon, delighting over 5.5 million customers who travel with them every year. With a workforce of 9,000 employees stationed at three airports, Virgin Atlantic has truly made its mark.

It is undeniable that Virgin Atlantic stands as one of the most accomplished airlines globally, boasting an impeccable safety record since its inception in 1984, with no major accidents to date.


Since it acquired Virgin America in 2016, Alaska Airlines has skyrocketed to become the 5th largest airline in the USA!

With over 45 million passengers a year, the Seattle-based carrier has made a name for itself with its familial ambiance, friendly and laid-back service, on-time performance, loyalty program, plush amenities, and safety culture (no fatal crashes since 2000!).

So, it might not be a bad idea to stick with Alaska Airlines.


Since its establishment in 2003, Etihad has become a prominent force, operating from Abu Dhabi International Airport and offering an extensive network of over 1000 weekly flights to 120 destinations worldwide, encompassing the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Americas.

With a fleet comprising more than 120 state-of-the-art Airbus and Boeing aircraft, your travel experience with Etihad Airways is guaranteed to be safe, reliable, and environmentally conscious.

Etihad Airways has taken a firm commitment to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, ensuring that you can indulge in your travels with a clear conscience.


Portugal’s state-owned, award-winning flag carrier airline is the proud, reliable force that takes thousands of passengers worldwide every week.

With a fleet of 100 (all but a dozen of which are made by the industry-leading Airbus) and their commitment to safety, which includes being one of the first airlines to adopt the newest security standards, it’s no wonder that TAP Air Portugal has achieved an excellent safety record with no fatalities in modern times.

You can trust TAP Air Portugal to make your travel plans as safe as can be!


Fly in style with Eva Air, the 5-star Taiwanese airline that has been delivering passengers safely and in style since 1988.

With a fleet of Airbus and Boeing aircraft, including the iconic Hello Kitty-themed planes, you can soar to over 40 international destinations across 4 continents.

You can rest assured that you’re safe with Eva Air, as they have not suffered any hull losses, accidents, or fatalities since their founding.


Qantas, the world’s 3rd-oldest airline, founded in the Queensland outback in 1920, is a beacon of innovation and safety.

Over the past 97 years, Qantas has earned a reputation for excellence, with countless “firsts” in operations and safety. In fact, Qantas hasn’t experienced any accidents in the modern jet era – so much so that it was famously featured in the movie Rain Man, with Dustin Hoffman’s character declaring that ‘Qantas never crashes.’

Australia’s largest airline, Qantas, is based in Sydney and serves 80 destinations in more than 20 countries with its fleet of modern Airbus and Boeing aircraft.


Since its inception in 1985, Emirates has become one of the world’s most renowned and respected airlines.

Based in the United Arab Emirates, Emirates is the national carrier of Dubai and has grown to become one of the industry’s largest and most innovative airline fleets. With an all-wide-body aircraft fleet, Emirates is soaring to new heights.

They continually push the boundaries of air travel to create a unique and unforgettable experience for their passengers.


Since its inception in 1972, Singapore Airlines has undergone an extraordinary transformation that is nothing short of remarkable.

What began as a small regional carrier has evolved into a true force in the aviation industry, earning numerous accolades and surpassing all others in terms of safety. Notably, Singapore Airlines has maintained a flawless safety record since 2000, a testament to its unwavering commitment to passenger well-being.

Additionally, Singapore Airlines holds the distinction of being the launch customer for prestigious aircraft models such as the Airbus A380, the Boeing 787-10, and the long-range variant of the Airbus A350-900.

Setting the bar for air travel, Singapore Airlines exemplifies excellence with its top-tier service and highly efficient operations. It has truly established itself as the gold standard in the industry.


Since its launch in 1997, Qatar Airways has soared to the top, becoming one of the few airlines to receive a 5-star rating from Skytrax.

With a fleet of more than 180 Boeing and Airbus aircraft, the airline soars to 150 international destinations across the world, from Africa and Central Asia to Europe, the Far East, South Asia, the Middle East, North and South America, and Oceania, all from its base at Hamad International Airport near Doha.

Qatar Airways also leads the way in aviation safety, achieving a 100% compliance rating on the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) back in 2003.

It’s no wonder they’ve earned so many awards.

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