Date:December 5, 2020

Here Are 20 Reasons Why South Korea Is Such An Amazing Place, And What Other Countries Can Learn From It

While South Korea might not yet be the number one travel destination for many around the world, there are plentiful reasons why you should visit the country of the morning calm on your next vacation. From history to culture and food to religion, take a look at some of the reasons that make this country so unique.

Creativity Bay is convinced that our readers will find a lot of interesting things about the Korean way of life and will probably think, “I wish I had that at home.”

 #1 People prefer standing inside a train to sitting on an empty seat allocated for a pregnant lady.

#2 There is a playful metro entry for the kids in Seoul, Korea.

#3 Convenient mother and child toilets

#4 In South Korea, they don’t have cups at water dispensers, but little paper bags.

#5 If it’s a rainy day or a sunny one, you can see huge umbrellas on crosswalks to protect people while they’re waiting for a green light.

#6 There are plastic finger covers to eat chips within Korea.

#7 Koreans are very careful about their own cars and the cars of others. That’s why they use door guards.

#8 Only in Korea would there be sanitary gloves at gas stations.

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#9 The honor system: The owner of the store watches their customers from inside their house. You pick, take whatever you want to buy, and then drop the money into their letterbox.

#10 You can buy socks through vending machines in Korea…

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#11 …and flowers too!

#12 There are dog lockers in South Korea. Drop your furry friend off while you go shopping. What do you think about this idea?

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#13 They have parking places for women in Seoul. They are often wider, longer, and are located closer to the shopping mall entrance for safety and convenience reasons.

#14 Koreans know how to save space, and their parking lots often look like this:


#15 A parking lot for baby strollers


#16 Smart restrooms show which stalls are taken and which ones are free.

#17 Koreans are very passionate about their oral health. This Korean BBQ has free toothbrushes and mouthwash in the restroom. It’s absolutely normal to brush your teeth at work too.

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#18 In Korea, they have bars of soap on sticks next to the sinks. Would you rather have soap like this at home?

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#19 The Korean quality control manager puts photos of employees on the devices to show who has assembled them.

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#20 They cover tree roots for winter in Seoul.

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#21 They protect tree trunks too.

#22 In Korea, they have single-person karaoke booths on the train

#23 This cafe has laundry in it and is very convenient for tourists. The coffee there is good too

#24 There are these little plastic shelters that have been put up to protect against the elements in Korea.

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#25 To reduce the number of injuries in public transport, Korean authorities decided to equip buses with special pillows for napping.

#26 These robots in the Seoul airport help tourists with directions and can also walk you to a cafe or restroom.

#27 Koreans have many ways to relax, like this fish therapy, for example…

#28 …or like in this raccoon cafe.