Date:December 5, 2020

Beautiful Pictures of Baby Elephants Will Instantly Make You Smile

The gentle giants, that we all know and love are the elephants. As we all know elephants are known for their big size and an incredibly friendly nature that isn’t only joyful but also expresses feelings like those of human beings. They can express feelings, like their grief, anger, love, compassion and every other sense in particular ways.

Elephants are adorable to look at, they’re pretty intelligent and even have a quick sense of perception, they’re known for their loyalty and team spirit that helps them cooperate with each other.

Since we’re talking about elephants, one can’t forget baby elephants or calves that are the cutest and prettiest of all.

Scroll down to see some adorable pictures:

1. It looks as if the baby is playing hide and seek.

2. A baby elephant playing with a girl and almost trying to sit on her lap.

3. A baby elephant trying to drink water through its trunk from a raised water holder.


4. A little calf trying to get up on the back of another baby elephant.


5. A baby following its mother who has crossed the road already.

6. A baby elephant taking a bath along with its mother in the water.


7. Two babies walking together by tangling their trunks.

8. A calf playing with little ducklings, his new friends

9. A baby who has tumbled down the trunk of a tree.

10. An elated calf, playing in the waters.