Date:October 29, 2020

30 Times People Who Traveled To Japan Realized They Are Too Tall For Their Space

Westerns are used to having everything big – big cars, big meals, big houses, and even being big themselves (in height mostly :P).

On the other side is Japan; 126 million people squeezed on to four main islands, with a total area 26 times smaller than the USA. The Japanese have learned to be economical with space – whether it be technology, houses, or dioramas – which can be an issue when tall people visit the country. Heads are bumped on low doors, showers are too short, and train seats… well, it’s cozy, put it that way.

The list compiled below shows tall people problems in this compact country, and we’d recommend bringing a helmet if you’re over 6ft!

Scroll down below to check out the list for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!

1# My 6’7″ Stepfather Is Visiting Japan This Week


The cool and informative blog Japanese Journey by a 29-year-old man called Johannes gives some interesting insights into the struggles of being tall in Japan and travel tips to deal with it. Even though the 1.80 m (5 ft 11 in) German is of average height in his own country, the average male height in Japan is 1.70 m (5 ft 7 in), so he does stand out. Here are a few of his everyday problems of being head and shoulders above people almost all of the time.

Bumping your head: When your body height is above the Japanese average, you will very likely bump your head. Most of the time, you will be aware of low door frames and the like and therefore take care. In old buildings, such as the shops in Higashi Chaya district, the shop assistants may even tell you to take care. However, there will be instances when you won’t be expecting things to hang that low and therefore be less attentive. Funny accidents are bound to happen.

Things don’t fit: Many things won’t fit you. At my size, it is not that hard to find fitting clothes or shoes. However, things that are shared by everyone, such as toilet slippers in restaurants, will be too small. The same goes for the interior features such as benches, tables, and sinks.

2# My 6’7″ Stepfather Is Visiting Japan This Week


3# Tall In Japan

4# 6’3” Lived In A Traditional Japanese House In Japan For Two Months. There Were Lots Of Exposed Wooden Beams


5# Asked A Guy To Take A Photo Of Me And My Friends With Some Bathing Snow Monkeys In Nagano, Japan. Checked The Photo Later

6# Life Being Tall In Japan. Side Note: This Was A Hit With The Crowd And There Were Lots Of Giggles


Being asked about your body height: “How tall are you?” is a sentence I haven’t been asked in the last decade in Europe. In Japan things are different.

Maybe one out of three times when my girlfriend introduces me to someone, usually women, I hear it. And while this makes me somehow feel like I’m positively impressive, the reactions that are shown upon hearing “180 センチ” (1.80 m) are even more pleasing.

7# My Trip To Japan As A 6.3 Feet Guy Summed Up


8# I Recently Travelled To Japan


Seeing far ahead on busy streets: When I went out on a Saturday evening in Shinjuku, the first thing I noticed were masses of people. The second thing was that, even though the area was packed, I could see anything. “Legolas! What do your elf eyes see?” shouts Aragorn in the back of my head.

Because I was a bit taller than most of the other short people there, I was able to actually see the end of the road without a head appearing in my view. “So this is how basketball players feel all the time,” I thought and enjoyed the evening.

9# Shark Bait


10# In Japan, Tall Friends Duck Together


11# Every time I Visit Japan I Feel Like I Don’t Fit In… I Wonder Why?


12# We Came, We Saw, We Raised The Roof


13# Tall People Problems


14# Japan Wasn’t Built For Me


15# Stayed One Night In This Hostel In Japan. My Head Connected With This Light 8 Times


16# If I Could Summarize My Recent Trip To Japan In One Photo, This Would Be It


17# Hotels Suck


18# Loved My First Trip To Japan


19# Being Tall In Japan


20# Another Problem With Being A Tall Man In Japan


21# Meanwhile In Tokyo


22# Just Got Back From A Trip To Japan. I Know I’m Tall. Didn’t Realize Just *How* Tall Compared To All The Japanese Folks


23# Traditional Japanese Home. Clearing Doorways Is A Challenge


24# Just Found R/Tall. I’m Happy To Finally Be Among My Kind. Here’s Me In Japan Trying To Fit In


25# So My Brother (6’7″), My Sister (6’0″), And Myself (6’4″) Went To Japan… We Had A Hard Time Getting In


26# Big In Japan


27# Tall People Problems #5535 – On A Train In Japan


28# My Shower At My Hotel In Japan. I Am Not Pleased Nor Is My Neck


29# Being 6 Ft 3 In Was Pretty Tough In Japan


30# To Tall Guys Travelling In Japan: I Feel You, Brothers. I’m 195 Cm (6’4″)