Date:February 25, 2020

18 People Whose Cooking Skills Are Not Their Strongest Point

Some people really have no clue about cooking and it would be better for everyone’s safety for them to stay off of the kitchen because instead of boiling spaghetti, they would probably burn down the entire kitchen.

Here are some of these cooking fails of some terrible cookers, who after all, should just accept the fact that maybe cooking isn’t meant to be on their “other skills” section of the CV, and instead, put the “fine food taster” to cover this up (see, there’s always a good side!). 😀

Caution: highly soul-crushing photos for those who actually do know how to cook.

1. “I should probably read the labels on things.” -Yes, please!

2. This pizza making went terribly wrong.

3. So, this wasn’t the glass Pyrex dish in the right cupboard. Now I know.

4. When you’ve been defeated:

5. This is one way to strain your pasta…

6. His friend put the pizza in the oven but forgot to remove the cutting board. Imagine who’s cleaning this up…

7. “At least I tried.” -But did you, really?

8. “Maybe we should buy a rice cooker.”

9. This shiny black chicken.

10. This was supposed to be a pasta dinner for 2.

11. …or make coffee!

12. The rest of the bowl is served with the food.

13. It was about time for a volcano-themed party.

14. The look on her face is priceless.

15. Either this baker lost something or he got cursed and turned into a loaf of bread, who knows?

16. How is this even possible?

17. No brunch today, this waffle never made it to the table.

18. This man created a cave full of stalagmites instead of a spaghetti dinner.

failed pasta

19. That’s too much bread for just one oven to bake.


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20. It was not a good BBQ day for this guy.

21. When you are so bad at cooking, you can’t even use a sandwich press…