Date:May 25, 2020

Can 5G Be Dangerous?


Early this year a few companies began to showcase their new 5G cellular services in big cities across the US, which served as testbeds for a host of new 5G cell phones and to test the technology itself. And as it always happens with the new, people started to freak out about the rumors of the danger of 5G technology. 

But how true are these rumors? Is it really 5G going to cook our brains and kill us?

Fear of new technology is no news, especially because this is an integrated part of our lives. But people, in general, have some sort of tendency to resist the new, the changes For example, in the 1800s people were resisting the installation of electric street lighting instead of gas lamps. And you know for what hilarious reasons? The general reason was the fear of losing the ability to tell the night from the day, and broken sleep cycles. Meanwhile, other reasons included those of religious figures, who claimed this would violate God’s natural law, because He clearly made a difference between night and day, and now they were ruining it. Also, the Vatican feared offending God’s own sleep cycle so much that it initially banned gas lights in the 1830s. Funny, right?

Today we are afraid of everything from chemtrails to GMO foods, despite common sense and decades’ worth of scientific studies, to new technology, with 5G being the newest one. But what even is 5G? 5G is simply another evolution in wireless information transfer technology, and literally means the fifth generation, but as opposed to previous generations, 5G operates at much higher frequencies. The higher frequencies allow 5G service to deliver greater packets of data, with the potential estimated to be up to ten gigabytes per second. 

On one hand, the fears are justified, after all, history is full of examples of poorly understood technologies being marketed to an ignorant public – it wasn’t too long ago that ionizing radiation was promised as a cure-all for, well everything. You could find radioactive elements in everything from makeup powders to breakfast cereals, all with the promise that the ionizing radiation would boost your vigor and refresh your health! Of course, it did pretty much the opposite, and it didn’t take long for people to figure it out.

While a massive conspiracy to cook everyone’s brains with cell phones is not entirely impossible, it would be an extremely difficult scheme to sneak pass the thousands of watchdog agencies all connected by the global internet. Plus it doesn’t pass the first point of failure for any conspiracy theory: common sense.

If cell phone companies purposefully developed a product that irritated its consumers, those same companies would either be buried under mountains of lawsuits or not have consumers anymore when people flat-out refuse to use cell phones out of fear. Fears over cell phone radiations are nothing new though, they date back in the 1990s. Ongoing public fears have prompted scientific study after scientific study, and yet no valid study has yet to prove that normal cell phone use poses a real risk to humans. 

It’s important to understand the difference between the different types of radiation though. The first, and the most feared is ionizing radiation, which is one of the types of radiation by a nuclear explosion. Non-ionizing radiation, on the other hand, doesn’t carry enough energy to break molecular bonds, and the best way they can do is cause heating by vibrating molecules at high speeds. This is exactly how your microwave works – it emits microwave radiation with high enough energy to vibrate water molecules in your food, generating heat which warms the food. But the 5G using wavelengths similar to those in a microwave, how in the world could our cell phones not end up cooking our brains? The answer to that question has to do with power – a microwave can emit anywhere between 500 and 100 watts of power, which actually is enough to kill if you were crawled inside a giant microwave and turn on the popcorn setting. Meanwhile, cell phone only emits a few watts of power and even this comes in short bursts. Even if you still have your doubts on physics, the ten-year tests done on mice and rats by exposing their body for over 18 hours to radio frequencies using 2G and 3G cellular services, showed that there is no direct correlation between RF radiation and ill health effects. 

For starters, the waves are so poor at the propagating through objects and even just empty air that companies are forced to build mini-towers every city block or so, and in consumer tests of 5G devices earlier this year most lost services after getting only a few hundred feet away from them. This doesn’t bode well for 5G waves trying to penetrate through the layers of your skin and skull in order to get your defenseless brain and start cooking it. Nevertheless, we fully expect that fear-mongering and rumors will continue to spread as 5G rolls out around the world, and we also don’t expect to be disappointed by the countless snake oil salesman and their crazy inventions the promise will protect you from the evil cell phones radiations.

Do you plan on buying a 5G cell phone? What do you think about building mini cell towers everywhere? Let us know in the comments below!