Date:May 25, 2020

9 Cities Where You Don’t Have to Worry About Free Wifi Network


We’re almost hitting 2020 and the internet has become an integrated part of our life, especially of the way we do business, connect with people and live our life in general. For those who travel, already have enough expenses caused, and thinking about the internet issue isn’t a thing they’re looking to deal with. So here are 9 big cities around the world that have solved this problem for them, while they can enjoy their trip and finish their business, without any “technical issue”. 

  1. Moscow, Russia – In the streets, libraries, parks, culture centers, and student hostels of Moscow, there are now more than 18,000 points of access to free and unlimited internet, with 3,000 of these points being installed on, and at other locations which covers most of the city center, more than 1,200 Wi-Fi points in 43 city parks, over 10,500 in university and college hostels including nearly 3,500 in cultural facilities. 
  2. New York, USA – the tech capital of East Coast has installed free Wi-Fi access in Lower Manhattan, Manhattan Parks such as The High Line and Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge Park, every underground subway station, tour buses and tourist attractions and some shops, cafes and stores. 
  3. Hong Kong – it should come as no surprise, as this futuristic city has established many Wi-Fi hotspots across the city in different locations such as tourist attractions, shopping malls, parks and gardens, visitor center, sports venues, museums, ferry terminals, and government buildings.
  4. Tallinn, Estonia – despite being a small nation, its government turned it into a technological, wireless city that you can connect in Wi-Fi wherever you are, be it in the forest or near the sea. So far, there are 966 free Wi-Fi spots in Tallinn. 
  5. Tel Aviv, Israel – one of the first cities in the whole world to offer free Wi-Fi access in 80 locations, with them now going up to 180 hotspots all around the city. 
  6. Seoul, South Korea – besides not having to worry about the internet in this city, as it has 10,000 hotspots all around, you will also experience the fastest internet in the world. So you can lurk around the city build by creative and original minds, while still being connected to your social media in a very fast pace. 
  7. Perth, Australia – being the fourth largest city of Australia, this city offers free public Wi-Fi around Central Business District, East Perth (Claisebrook Cove) and Northbridge. Visitors are allowed an hour’s connection but you can reconnect, and it’s okay as it’s free anyway.
  8. Barcelona, Spain – while exploring the brilliant architecture of Gaudi, gaze and feel the beautiful warm sea, and eat the famous Paella dish, you don’t have to disconnect yourself from social media, as there are more than 700 hotspots offering free Wi-Fi. 
  9. Paris, France – offering free Wi-Fi networks in over 260 public places and 400 terminals since 2007, you can live your Parisienne dream and capture everything for your fellows across seas in real-time through Internet. Visitors can use over 200 hotspots up to 2 hours, and even after the time-out, it is very easy to log back in.

Now you have one more reason to visit these modern, beautiful cities.