Date:October 29, 2020

+15 Times People Got Into Accidental Science Experiments And Here Are The Best Ones

We all did some experiments when we were kids like what would happen if we cut our own hair and for how long we could hide it from our moms before they’ve seen it. But it turns out some people accidentally discovered some experiments, like Penicillin and X-rays.

Below you can see a collection of some of the most mildly interesting cases of the experiments that people accidentally performed and are even more interesting than something you’d find in a science book.

From polished coconuts to runaway freezers. Enjoy!

This Is What Happens When You Heat An Ordinary Marble Over A Flame Then Immediately Drop It Into Cold Water


This Is What Happens When A Cat Touches A Plasma Ball


This Is What Happens When You Put Horizontal Mirrors On A Shack In The Desert


What Happens To Windmills When There’s Fog


This Is What Happens When Frogs Eat Fireflies


What Happens When Nature Takes Over- This Boat On A River In Frankfurt, Germany


What Happens When Water Gets Really, Really Cold

What Happens When 50 Mph Winds, Freezing Temperatures And Lake Erie Hits Your House


What Happens When You Grow A Pumpkin Inside A Plastic Mold


What Happens When You Swing A String Of Glow Sticks With Burning Steel Wool At The End And Take A Long Exposure Photo

Chris Matthew Brady

What Happens When Wood Is Burnt With High Voltage


This Is What Happens When You Polish A Coconut


This Is What Happens When A Lightning Hits Beach Sand


What Happens When The Mist Around A Waterfall Freezes


Here’s What Happens When You Leave Half A Cabbage In The Fridge Too Long


What Happened When I Tried To Take A Picture Of An Airplane Propeller


What Happens When You Open A Dollar Bill In Photoshop


What Happens When You Put M&ms In A Dish Of Water. Diffusion Force Barriers


This Is What Happens To A Basketball Court When The Pipes Burst


This Is What Happens When You Fail To Thin Out Your Carrots


This Is What Happens When You Fall Asleep In A Bath