Date:October 29, 2020

These 25 Incredible Photos Taken by a Pilot From His Cockpit Will Blow You Away

Every pilot gets to see a bunch of beautiful sights from above.

This is Santiago Borja Lopez – a Quito, Ecuador-based pilot who works for Ecuador Airlines. Whenever he is off-duty, he pulls out his camera and captures magnificent sights he witnesses in air. His photos are magnificent, from incredible storms to even lightning bolts.

From more, you can take a look and follow Santiago’s journey on Instagram, and also you can read more about one of Santiago’s shots in our previous article.

Atomic Storm

 Night Flashes, Atlantic Ocean

Night Sky

‘A Colossal Cumulonimbus Flashes Over The Pacific Ocean As We Circle Around It At 37000 Feet En Route To South America’


Tormenta, Coast Of Venezuela, South America

‘I’ve Never Seen Lightning Like This One’

An Ominous Storm Over Panama City

Flying Over The Colombian Amazonia About To Enter Ecuadorian Airspace To Descend Over The Andes Into Guayaquil

A Magnificent Storm Developing Over The Atlantic Ocean, A Few Miles South Of Jamaica

Mooning Around, Super Moon, At 2,900m In Quito, Ecuador

‘Looking Like A Nuclear Explosion, This Great Cumulonimbus Is Discharging Its Power Over Colombian Rainforest’

The Amazonia Between Ecuador And Colombia

Fugaz, Atlantic Ocean, North Of Panama City

Soaring, Guayaquil, Ecuador

A Storm Over Colombian Amazonia

Sunset, Quito, Ecuador

Cloud City, Quito, Ecuador

The Orbit In An Atmosphere Unknown, Ecuador

Blinding Storm

Vertical Development, Ecuador

One Of Those Clear Nights Over Miami

Fierce, Guayaquil, Ecuador

Storm Hour, Amazonia, South America

 Cruising Out, Quito, Ecuador