Date:October 29, 2020

This Guy Climbs Hospital Wall to Sit With His Mom Until She Dies Due to Coronavirus

There are 16,360,290 confirmed cases from COVID-19. The story below is from Palestine, where are 9,587 confirmed coronavirus cases to this day. A man named Jihad Al-Suwaiti refused to part with his infected mother. He was not allowed to visit his mom to the hospital after she resulted positive with the virus. But he climbed the pipeline and sit outside the hospital window every day to make sure his mother was well and safe.

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A hospital official commented: “He spent most of his day there, observing his mother’s condition from outside the window, before coming down when he was convinced that his mother was fast asleep.”

Until, last Thursday, his mother Rasma Salama passed away. The heartbreaking image of the young man watching over his mom fighting the virus was shared by Mohamad Safa and has since spread on social media, touching people around the globe.

Jihad’s brother Abang Jihad, Rasmi told that his brother remained stubborn and despite being banned from entering the hospital due to security reasons, he wouldn’t part with his mother.

The mother had leukemia and was diagnosed with COVID-19 a few weeks ago,” Abang added.

Jihad the youngest child of the family and he was very close to his mother. When he found out that his mom had passed away, he felt angry and in disbelief. “But now he seems to be able to accept the statement,” his brother said.


People felt deeply touched by this heartbreaking story: