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May 31, 2023

The Top 16 Photos from the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2021

Prepare to be enthralled by the finest and most exceptional images from The Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2021. Selected meticulously from a staggering pool of over 50,000 entries submitted by photographers hailing from 95 countries, the fifty-seventh edition of the renowned competition showcases the breathtaking beauty and delicate vulnerability of the natural world, featuring animals captured in their authentic habitats.

This year’s exhibition has witnessed an unprecedented level of competitiveness, making it the most fierce in the program’s illustrious history. The announcement of the winning images is eagerly awaited and will take place later this fall.

The Wildlife Photographer of the Year (WPOTY) competition and exhibition serves as a global platform, hosted by London’s Natural History Museum, where photographers of all ages and skill levels can capture and share the unparalleled splendor of the natural world. Each submission is evaluated anonymously by a distinguished panel of international industry experts, who assess the entries based on their creativity, originality, and technical excellence. The competition encompasses various categories, spanning different age groups, geographical locations, and subject matters. Ørsted, a renewable energy company and Seedlip are proud sponsors of this remarkable competition.

You can find more info about WPOTY:

#1 Storm Fox By Jonny Armstrong (USA), Highly Commended In Animal Portraits


#2 The Great Swim By Buddhilini De Soyza (Sri Lanka/Australia), Highly Commended In Behaviour: Mammals


#3 Raw Moment By Lara Jackson (UK), Highly Commended In Animal Portraits


#4 Mushroom Magic By Juergen Freund (Germany/Australia), Highly Commended In Plants And Fungi


#5 Lynx On The Threshold By Sergio Marijuán (Spain), Highly Commended In Urban Wildlife


#6 Lockdown Chicks By Gagana Mendis Wickramasinghe (Sri Lanka), Highly Commended In 10 Years And Under


#7 A Caring Hand By Douglas Gimesy (Australia), Highly Commended In Photojournalism


#8 Apollo Landing By Emelin Dupieux (France), Highly Commended In 11-14 Years


#9 The Gripping End By Wei Fu (Thailand), Highly Commended In Behaviour: Amphibians And Reptiles


#10 Up For Grabs By Jack Zhi (USA), Highly Commended In Behaviour: Birds


#11 Net Loss By Audun Rikardsen (Norway), Highly Commended In Oceans – The Bigger Picture


#12 Beautiful Bloodsucker By Gil Wizen By (Israel/Canada), Highly Commended In Behaviour: Invertebrates


#13 Toxic Design By Gheorghe Popa (Romania), Highly Commended In Natural Artistry


#14 Deep Feelers By Laurent Ballesta (France), Highly Commended In Underwater


#15 Natural Magnetism By Jaime Culebras (Spain), Highly Commended In Urban Wildlife


#16 The Nurturing Wetland By Rakesh Pulapa (India), Highly Commended In Wetlands – The Bigger Picture

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