Date:May 31, 2020

Steve Irwin Family Has Treated 90,000 Animals In Australian Wildfires

Irwin’s family is continuing Steve’s legacy of rescuing and saving wildlife in danger, his daughter Bindi and the rest of the family are doing everything they can to help treat animals hurt by the devastating brush fires burning across Australia, they have rescued and treated over 90,000 animals.

“With so many devastating fires within Australia, my heart breaks for the people and wildlife who have lost so much. I wanted to let you know that we are SAFE. There are no fires near us at Australia Zoo or our conservation properties,” said Bindi in the Instagram post.


Bindi also said that the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital has been safe from the fires so far. Bindi’s mother, Terri Irwin, has been in charge of operating the hospital since Steve’s death. The zoo treats about 8,000 sick and injured native animals per year, which is a much smaller number than the volume that they are dealing with in the midst of the current crisis. The Irwin family certainly has their hands full, but luckily they seem up to the challenge. Terri made a post on Twitter, thanking all of the supporters of the zoo, and reporting that the nearly 500 staff members at the facilities are safe and currently treating animals.


Nearly half-billion animals have been killed from the fire since it has begun in September.

Around 12 million acres have burned so far in the Australian fires. And over 2 million acres of land have been burned so far during this year’s fires in the Amazon, 2 million acres is certainly still significant, but it is a part of a wider problem that is impacting the ecosystems of the world. The smoke from the fire has disrupted weather patterns across the continent and even has caused the glaciers of neighboring New Zealand to turn brown.