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May 30, 2023

This is The Longest Train Route in the World in 2023

The usual means of international travel are airplanes, known for their speed and affordability. For those who seek privacy, driving may be a preferred option. Yet, if you possess ample time, financial resources, and an appetite for exploring the unknown, then embarking on the longest train journey in the world should undoubtedly be on your bucket list.

The experience of traveling by train offers a touch of romance and poetry that transports you back to a bygone era, long before the existence of airplanes. Why not indulge in the breathtaking scenery of more than a dozen countries on this incredible 21-day, 18,755-kilometer train expedition across Europe, Siberia, and Asia?

Train enthusiasts on the subreddit collaborated with Mark Smith, a train expert, and his website to conceive a hypothetical, yet entirely feasible route. Smith’s website is a go-to destination for information and advice on lengthy train expeditions worldwide.

The newly constructed $6 billion Boten-Vientiane railway in Laos, which connects China to Southeast Asia, has made this extended route viable only in recent times.

Commencing in Lagos, Portugal, the longest train route globally traverses through Spain en route to Paris. However, the Lisbon-Hendaye route is currently in suspension due to the Covid-19 pandemic, with no imminent resumption in sight. Alternative routes are available to travel to Paris.

Subsequently, the expedition continues through Western Europe until reaching Eastern Europe and Russia, where the renowned “Trans-Siberian” railway line takes passengers on a six-day journey from Moscow to Beijing, with a stopover in Mongolia.

Following this, travelers make their way through China on an extensive expedition that leads them to the recently opened Boten-Vientiane railway in Laos.

Previously, the only way to get to Saigon was by taking a train to Cambodia, as no railway connected Vietnam and Thailand. The conventional method involved a bus journey through Cambodia before reaching Thailand.

Thanks to the newly constructed railroad, the world’s longest train journey is now feasible. The expedition begins in Vientiane and progresses towards Bangkok, the final destination being the stunning Malaysia, culminating in Singapore.

After an estimated 21-day journey covering 18,755km, you will have successfully completed the longest train route globally.

With an estimated cost of €1,200, this extraordinary experience is reasonably priced compared to a plane ticket from Western Europe to Singapore. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to relish the stunning landscapes of 13 countries en route, making this epic journey unquestionably worthwhile.

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