Date:October 25, 2020

Dark-shaded Succulents Are Real and Make for Great Spooky Decor

It is that time of the year, to be unique and spook your guests with some dark-shaded succulents carefully arranged around your house, they will haunt their nightmares and give them the jitters.

We all love the pre-Halloween season, with all the spooky ideas, preparations, decorations, and thrill make it such a hell of a time!

These succulents, different varieties of Echeveria, come in many colors but those with dark shades will complement the bright hues of pumpkins and gourds and give a nice contrast to your Halloween decorations.

Dark shaded succulents with thick leaves also give an impression of a screaming Demogorgon, that has become popular after the release of Stranger Things.



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One of the best choices is the Black Prince, with its thick, dark purple rosettes. You can find it on Amazon, with a price of $9.85 and it can grow up to six inches tall and eight inches wide. Another good choice is, the Aeonium arboretum ‘Zwartkop’, known as the Black Rose aeonium, which is another popular succulent with a dark shade, ranging between a dark purple and black. On Amazon it is priced at $12.99 and usually grows up to three feet tall with the rosettes of leaves growing to eight inches in diameter. You can also try the ‘Black Knight’ echeveria, whose rosettes are thick, curved, with pointed leaves that are initially bright green but they actually get darker as they grow.



The black plants are low-maintenance and are easy to grow. Succulents prefer dry humidity and warm conditions, so keep them inside when the weather is cold.




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Do not water them as often as regular plants, and place the pot facing a window that gets direct sunlight!

It doesn’t get better than this, having creepy elements of nature in your very own home this Halloween.