Date:July 13, 2020

Copenhagen Soon Will Have Communal Fruit Trees on City Streets

The capital of Denmark, Copenhagen is known to be one of the greenest and innovative cities in the world and this new city project does not disappoint. Thee have been some voting from the city council about planting public fruit trees around the city, in playgrounds and parks. Blackberry bushes and apple trees are just a few plants to be planted soon, as the Danish capital is trying to create an “interactive urban orchard”. These newly created areas are meant to become new spaces for socializing and creating an even greater sense of community among the residents. Since many Copenhageners do not have a garden where they live, these communal spaces should be used for learning about nature and plants, but also for building deeper connections among the residents of each area. Also, in Denmark foraging is a very common activity and citizens are encouraged to use the public resources that nature offers them. In many cases, this was only possible in rural areas, but now this will be extended to urban areas too, so people can reconnect with nature and its gifts. This also means that people roaming the streets of Copenhagen won’t need to buy snacks, they can pick fruit off the trees. Since the Middle Ages, there has been a tradition of local foraging in Denmark, with law books allowing citizens to harvest food from the public lands freely. With native plants around it is easier to teach children about and let them know that its a much healthier snack that candy.

When visitors in Denmark are not familiar with these natural resources, they can use a mobile app called Vild Mad, which from Danish means wild food. This app educates people about foraging and guides users through the country’s forests and beaches to find ripe and local ingredients. Those who don’t know about their locations and the different ingredients will find it useful. Vild Mad also suggests tasty recipes made from the wild ingredients. Also, this app’s purpose is to teach Danish people about the vegetation in their backyard and to help visitors discover all the fantastic food Copenhagen has to offer them.

Chicory: a bitter salad green that grows bright blue flowers each summer by the Danish roadside. Credit: Vild Mad