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May 30, 2023

10 of the World’s Most Stunning Border Points

Border points around the world often showcase stunning natural landscapes and unique cultural intersections. From towering mountain ranges to majestic waterfalls, these border crossings offer breathtaking views that captivate visitors.

The meeting of two countries or regions at these points provides an opportunity to witness the beauty and diversity of our planet. Whether it’s the mesmerizing Iguazu Falls between Brazil and Argentina or the Four Corners Monument in the United States, these border points leave travelers in awe of the remarkable sights and experiences they offer.

Exploring these stunning border points is a testament to the remarkable wonders that exist where different lands come together.

Netherlands and Belgium

What is perhaps the quaintest of borders on the list, the town of Baarle sits just on the line marking the Netherlands [left] from Belgium [right].

Why not enjoy a cup of tea in one country and a pastry in the other?

Norway and Sweden

The deforested line marking the border between the two countries of Norway and Sweden makes for a great path for snowmobilers.

Argentina and Brazil

The Iguazu Falls vary from 60 to 80 meters high but partially sit along the border of Argentina and Brazil.

United States and Mexico

USA border protection has kept their land on the border of Mexico [right] fairly barren in order to help stop illegal immigration.

Afghanistan and Pakistan

As can be seen above, a USA soldier stands watch outside of Torkham Gate, one of the main border crossings between the recently war-stricken countries.

Italy and Switzerland

Along the border of Italy and Switzerland high up in the alps sits a single hut used as a research center for low temperature climates.

The unique building can only be reached by foot and was first constructed by the Queen of Italy in 1893.

Egypt and Israel

While simply an imaginary line decided upon in recent history, the border between Egypt [left] and Israel [right] is clearly seen even from space.

Nepal and China

Mount Everest sits right on the border of Nepal and China making it one of the highest international borders that exists.

Spain and Morocco

Much like the Mexican-American border, Spain erected a long fence in order to keep illegal immigrants traveling through Morocco out of the country.

North Korea and South Korea

Located within the de-militarized zone between the two countries, this is possibly one of the most heavily guarded borders on the list.

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