Date:June 4, 2020

Amazon Rainforest Devastated For Weeks By Fire And The World Is Not Aware

Social media users around the world are trying to draw the attention of people to the Amazon rainforest that has been taken on by fires for several weeks now, which can even be seen from space. This is being done by using the hashtag #PrayForAmazonia, which has gone viral in a very short time in the online world.




It is unclear if the fires were caused by deforestation or agricultural activity, as the Euro News reported. The two have accelerated quickly under the Brazilian President, Jair Bosonaro, whose campaign’s most important element was opening of the Amazon to corporate exploitation.


People on social media have been accusing the media for not covering this disaster, especially by the fact that Amazon produces around 20% of the world’s oxygen and plays a very big role in absorbing the planet-warming carbon dioxide- which role gave it the nickname “lungs of the Earth”.


The satellite data gathered from the Brazilian government’s National Space Research Institute (INPE), published in June 2019, showed that the deforestation had risen dramatically under the President Jair, who dismissed this research and decided to fire Ricardo Galvão, INPE director, for defending this published data.


Lance King/Getty Images


The fires have become so intense that the smoke darkens the sky in the afternoon sky in São Paulo, the most popular city in Brazil.

NASA image, August 11, 2019

NASA image, August 11, 2019




Amazon Watch, an advocacy group, blames Bolsonaro for his regime’s attack on the largest rainforest of the world. They are calling this “an international tragedy”.