Date:May 25, 2020

Amazon Is Selling A DIY Tiny Home With a Full Kitchen and Bathroom

If you are looking to get a good tiny house, you can do it just by shopping on Amazon. ( The Nomad Micro House a.k.a the Cube )

This modern tiny home, it’s shaped like a cube.

The Cube boasts a clean, modern look with metal and wood exterior and large windows that make the space feel surprisingly airy, rather than claustrophobic. At 13’5” wide by 13’5” deep and 13’5” high the cube features an open kitchen and living room area, a curved staircase that leads to a bedroom, and a bathroom.

At the front of the house, you can see four windows that will help keep the interior bright, and there is plenty of space for storage and appliances.

It has an affordable price, around $39000.

If you compare the Cube with the other tiny homes on Amazon you can see that the Cube is definitely on the modern site and not every tiny home is designed with such a sleek wood exterior and clean stainless steel and white interior.