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May 30, 2023

20 Brilliant Actions That Contributed to Making the World a Better Place

In today’s world, there is no denying that we are facing some significant environmental challenges. Climate change, deforestation, pollution, and other issues are putting our planet at risk, and the consequences of inaction could be catastrophic. But despite these challenges, there are many reasons to be optimistic about the future of our planet.

One of the most inspiring things about the fight to protect the environment is the way that people from all walks of life are coming together to make a difference. From activists and scientists to politicians and everyday citizens, there is a growing sense of urgency and commitment to finding solutions to the environmental problems we face.

One way that people are working to make a difference is by advocating for policies and initiatives that can help to reduce our impact on the planet. This can include things like promoting renewable energy, investing in public transportation, and implementing regulations to reduce pollution and protect natural resources. By working together, we can create real change at the local, national, and even global level.

Another way that people are making a difference is by changing their own behavior and encouraging others to do the same. Whether it’s by reducing waste, conserving water and energy, or making more sustainable choices in our daily lives, small changes can add up to make a big difference. And by leading by example, we can inspire others to join us in the fight to protect the environment.

Of course, it’s not just individuals who are making a difference. Companies and organizations are also stepping up to do their part, recognizing that sustainability is not only good for the planet, but it’s also good for business. By investing in clean technologies, reducing waste and emissions, and promoting sustainable practices throughout their supply chains, these organizations are demonstrating that it’s possible to be successful while also being responsible stewards of the environment.

And the results are already starting to show. From the growth of renewable energy sources to the reduction of plastic waste in our oceans, there are countless examples of positive changes taking place all around us. And as the pictures in this list show, there are already many reasons to be hopeful about the future of our planet.

So while there is still much work to be done, it’s important to remember that we do have the power to create a brighter future for ourselves and for generations to come. By taking action today, we can help to ensure that our planet remains a beautiful, healthy, and thriving place for all. So let’s keep up the good work, and continue to work towards a better future for all of us.

1. Instead Of Using Paint For This Parking Lot, This Is How The “Lines” Are Created. Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

2. An Ice Cream Cup Made Of Banana Leaves

3. Refill Station At Simon Fraser University, Canada

4. This Cup Is Made From Plant Starch, Not Plastic

5. My Pencil Has Seeds On The Tip, So When It’s Too Small To Use It You Can Plant It And A Tree Will Grow Out Of It

6. This Makes Me Incredibly Happy, And More Inclined To Shop Here More Often

7. Recycled Cardboard Used As An Alternative To Bubble Wrap

8. My University Makes Notepads Out Of The Recycled Paper And Hands Them Out To The Students

9. Single-Use Cutlery And Straws From Avocado Seeds

10. This Super Market Had Tiny Paper Bags Instead Of Plastic Containers To Reduce Waste

11. Every Day After Closing, This Local Bakery Leaves Out A Bag Of Their Unsold Pastries That People Can Take From Freely Instead Of Throwing Them Away And Make Unnecessary Waste

12. This Japanese Toilet Refills Through A Sink In The Top So You Can Rinse Your Hands And Re-Use The Water

13. You Bike To Keep The Outlet Going, To Recharge Your Devices

14. You Can Charge This Battery With A Micro USB

15. My Grocery Store Started Selling Overripe Bananas For Cheap With A Recipe For Banana Bread On The Bag

16. Carlsberg Using Glue To Make Six Packs Instead Of Plastic

17. Poland Unveils Glow-In-The-Dark Bicycle Path That Is Charged By The Sun

18. An Easy Way To Recycle Old Mascara Wands18. An Easy Way To Recycle Old Mascara Wands

19. Turns Out My Pencil Is Made Of Recycled Newspaper

20. The Cafe At My Closest Beach Gives Free Drinks To People Who Collect A Bucket Of Litter From The Beach

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