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May 30, 2023

24 Photos Showcasing the Thrilling Side of Visiting Australia

Australia is renowned for its diverse wildlife, which includes not only adorable creatures like kangaroos and koalas but also some rather intimidating ones that may leave you exclaiming, “no thanks!”

Upon closer inspection, this nation appears to be one of the most perilous on Earth. From colossal spiders and venomous snakes to crocodiles, octopuses, and alarmingly oversized earthworms, the Land Down Under seems to have a corner on the market for spine-chilling critters and unsettling crawlies.

The following compilation showcases these unnerving species that may deter you from ever wanting to visit Australia.

#1 Roofhanger. Suspended Grey Headed Flying Fox, A Megabat Native To Australia

Batwing is fine and dandy. He dried off and flew away as soon as it was nighttime. He was not sick, just wet.

#2 Lizards In Australia

#3 Believe It Or Not, This Is One Of The Least Dangerous Spiders We Have In Australia

Meet the huntsman spider, a frequent companion found in homes and gardens throughout Australia. Despite its imposing size, this arachnid is quite harmless. Huntsmen rarely bite humans unless provoked, and they aren’t venomous. In fact, they’re beneficial to have around since they use their speed and agility to keep cockroach populations in check.

Consider the huntsman a helpful housemate. If you respect its space and allow it to perform its duties, it will reciprocate by taking good care of your home.

#4 Meanwhile In Australia

An olive python (Liasis olivaceus), western Australia’s largest python, having a feed on an Australian freshwater crocodile (crocodylus Johnstoni).

#5 Araucaria Pine Cone, It’s Been Reported To Kill People When Falling

#6 Do You Even Lift Bro?

#7 Ladies And Gentlemen, The Saltwater Crocodile (Crocodylus Porosus)

I’m from Darwin, Australia and our rivers here are full of these monstrosities. This guy here is nicknamed Nifty, and he is about 6m long.

#8 Honey, There Is A Kid On Our Bug…

#9 Spider Frost. Rural Victoria, Australia

#10 This Is How Australians Ensure Their Electricity Meter Doesn’t Get Read

#11 Meanwhile, In Australia

#12 Toads Riding On A Python

#13 Dead Whale Filled With Gas, On The Brink Of Exploding In Bunbury Yesterday

#14 You Know You’re In Australia When Frogs Eat Snakes

#15 Filling Up Your Fuel Tank In Australia? Yep That’ll Try And Kill You Too

#16 Mother And Girlfriend Found This On The Beach Today

This was found in Broome, Western Australia, and looks like an anemone. More specifically, Dofleinia armata, the armed anemone. Also called the striped anemone. It is considered extremely dangerous as it can inflict painful stings that take months to heal.

#17 Typical Road-Side Ditch In Australia

#18 Why You Gotta Always “Check Your Shoes” In Australia

#19 Aussie Mom Finds World’s Second Most Poisonous Snake Hiding In Her Kid’s Lunch Box

#20 In Australia Everything Is Trying To Kill You. Even Your Ceiling Lamp

#21 This Is Why You Always Have To Check The Toilet In Australia

#22 Blue-Ringed Octopus (Highly Venomous) On Hand

#23 Welcome To Australia

#24 A Friend Of Mine Left For A Holiday In Australia Some Weeks Ago. I Asked Him How Things Were. He Send Me This Picture With The Reply “The Things I’ve Seen..”

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