Date:June 4, 2020

23 adorable photos of animals who love each other a lot

We have all felt our heart melt because of love. It has also been shown that animals can feel and show love just like the human beings. They hug, kiss and show their soft sides without a limit, just like each of us do when we find our soul mate.

Down below we put together 23 deadly cute photos of different animals to prove that tenderness and true love rule the world of animals.

1. This sweet couple having a nap.

© Lara_the_dog / reddit

2. Not letting you go.


3. A hug so tight, everyone should get jealous.



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Hugs and Kisses- Two Meerkats play before foraging on the Kalahari. Photo / @gregahartman #WildPlanet

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4. We’re so happy we got each other.

© unknown / imgur

5. Ta da.. love you more each day!


6. Our love will be strong even after hundreds of years.


7. You are safe here, baby.


8. When together, we are invincible.

9. I will always be by your side.


10. Gingers stay together, no matter how different.

© AnonAnonAnonAnonAnOOOOOOOn / imgur

11. Loyalty is royalty.

Bunnies in Love

12. Family is everything.



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Antarctica | Emperor Penguin . . . . . . . . #antarctica #animallover #animalplanet #animalkingdom #EmperorPenguin

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13. Love in a family.


14. Can’t stop kissing you.

Touching noses

15. A happy kiddo.


16. I know you love me!

© emoposer / reddit

17. Stay will me.. always!


18. Give me a kiss, make my day!

kiss me baby!

19. I may be small, but my love is big.

Fennec Foxes Kiss

20. I brought a flower, just as beautiful as you.

Kiss and eat

21. Pure love.


22. Tender isn’t weak.

© Ricardo P.M / ilusion-es.blogspot

23. Love teaches us trust, support and respect.

© 8enj4m1n / imgur