Date:April 8, 2020

Tom Cruise’s Daughter Story

Tom hasn’t seen his daughter in almost 5 years. The reason that also ended his two marriages, and almost destroyed his career in 2006. The actor was married to Katie Homes for 6 years. Fans loved them so much, they were nicknamed “TomKat”. Their fans waited eagerly for their child’s birth. It seemed like they were so happy… Until Katie filed for a divorce.

Later, one of the reasons was revealed by Tom Cruise himself. “Katie told me that protecting Suri from Scientology was one of the reasons why she didn’t want to be with me anymore.” Scientology is Tom’s religion. Only church members have access to all details of religion… but some reports revealed that there are impositions made to its followers. Kate was allegedly victimized by the “cult” during the divorce. She never confirmed it but gave a controversial statement. “I’m not afraid anymore. I don’t have to follow all those rules and I don’t need to take myself so seriously.”

Once a TV show host asked Cruise about the religion, and he became so violent. That wasn’t the only controversy he faced because of the religion. His deep involvement with the cult made him lose many movie contacts. And his career almost ruined! His image was so linked to religion… it destroyed his image. Katie couldn’t tolerate it anymore. The couple got divorced and Tom no longer saw his daughter. Church leaders said that the child was “suppressive” and advised Cruise to keep away.

After a while, it seemed like he regretted it. A close source once said: “Tom is tired of receiving orders from them. He’s sorry that he has lost so much time. He’s dying to be a part of her life again!” Tom then started sending letters to his daughter, Suri. Then they went back to talking on the phone. And now the actor wants to meet with her. Tom also wants to reconnect with his older daughter, Isabella, who is 25, to whom he hasn’t talked in 5 years. After all, a father’s love is stronger than anything.



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