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May 30, 2023

The Urban Street Photography Group Shares 20 of the Most Fascinating Pictures

Street photographers have the unique ability to capture fleeting moments that will never occur again. Whether it’s a person strolling down the sidewalk or a bird soaring over a city square, these photographers capture the beauty of everyday life one candid shot at a time.

The “Urban Street Photography” Facebook group boasts over 440,000 members who share their best work to immortalize the world around them. This online community features an abundance of captivating shots showcasing everything from romantic moments to bustling traffic, from feathered friends to busy pedestrians.

We invite you to browse through some of the most fascinating pictures shared on this group and view the world through the eyes of the photographer. It’s incredible how these candid shots can freeze time and bring an entirely new perspective to everyday life.

Hi All! Happy New Year!

Сергей Санжаров

The pictures that I have cherished the most in photo albums are candid ones. There is a certain charm in capturing people’s genuine reactions, unscripted movements, and unfiltered surroundings. The images showcased in “Urban Street Photography” embody all of these qualities.

Established in 2013, the group comprises both novice and experienced photographers hailing from various parts of the globe, all united by their passion for street photography.

A Flying Pigeon | Gateway Of India

Massab Mna


Gabriel Wu

Essaouira, Morocco 2022

Tavepong Pratoomwong

The Fishermen Know That The Sea Is Dangerous And The Storm Is Terrible, But They Have Never Found These Dangers Sufficient Reason For Remaining Ashore. — Vincent Van Gogh

Jawad Shahid

Two Stories

Міхась Аракчэе

Self Portrait By Mobile

بدالله شيبوب

Cat And A Mouse

Yaşar Koç


Александр Шаварев

Budapest, Liberty Brigde

Marc In

Promenade Riverside Park, NYC

Jim Jimmy Jam Cappelletti

Every Time I Have Been In The City Centre For The Last Year, I Looked For Someone To Walk Past These Boards Who Matches Them

Mike Bland

Naples, Italy

Michal Biadun

Paris – Behind Notre Dame

Don Kedgley


Carole Hamelin


Adam Lang

This Is How Angels Are Born

Sorin Dobrescu

El Triciclo

Irmalu Trejo

Lovers (Mantua, Italy)

Tim Askerov

Hoi An, Vietnam

Deryle Perryman

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