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May 31, 2023

15+ Hilarious and Unbelievable Coincidences That Truly Happened

We’re showcasing 20 humorous and intriguing coincidences that may seem improbable, yet they indeed took place. The world is a treasure trove of unexpected surprises. Put simply, anything can happen spontaneously, often catching us off guard, and we’re all aware of that. Yet, occasionally, there are occurrences that extend beyond our wildest dreams.

Scroll below and have fun. All images are linked back to their original sources. Don’t hesitate to delve deeper into the other works of these photographers, available in their collections or on their personal websites.

#1. “Three Girls In The Same Row, Wearing The Same Color Sweater, With The Same Color Hair”

Source: fall97

#2. “This Is How The Newspapers Were Stacked Up At My Job”

Source: OilersFansDontMatter

#3. “Oddest Odd Possible”

Source: komaram

#4. “Restaurant Sign Saved By Chance”

Source: PixelBrother

#5. “My Rental Car Is On The Left. Parked At A Winery And Came Outside To Find This”

Source: renaissance_boy_

#6. “Found The Cliff This Cliff Bar Came From”

Source: AnGabhaDubh

#7. “None of these people on the bus knew each other”

Source: onetinyspeck

#8. “Lucky Car”

Source: reddit.com

#9. “Glitch In The Matrix”

Source: Balzan12

#10. “They Then Went Their Seperate Ways”

Source: Friendorphobia

#11. “The Cat Knocked My Daughter’s Fish Bowl Off The Dresser”

Source: slowf3

#12. “A Balding Bus”

Source: AceOS24

#13. “My Daughter Injured Her Chin Today And At Dinner Received This Fortune Cookie”

Source: perawkcyde

#14. “Three Cars Of The Same Make, Model, And Ugly Color Parked In Front Of A Building With The Same Ugly Color”

Source: mo0_mo0

#15. “Pigeon Pooped A Portrait Of Itself On A Leaf”

Source: Koda_Has_A_Top_Hat

#16. “The Irony Here Is Amazing. Never Tell Me The Odds”

Source: ARF_Trooper_

#17. “After The Storm”

Source: AmmianusMarcellinus

#18. “The Serial Number On This Pizza Cutter”

Source: wolfshozzer

#19. “Two Commuters Sitting Beside Each Other Watching The Same Show In Sync.”

Source: GallowBoob

#20. “I Spent $7.11 And At A 7-Eleven At 7:11 Am”

Source: trumpmctrumpface

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