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May 30, 2023

These 20 Frightening Ocean Pics Will Make You Think Twice Before Going In

It’s a well-known fact that human beings have only explored a small portion of the Earth’s oceans, estimated to be around 5%. However, did you know that the number of viruses in the ocean surpasses the quantity of stars present in the Milky Way? Another interesting fact is that the deepest part of the ocean descends down to about 36,200 feet. Have you ever heard of hydrothermal vents? These deep-sea vents can attain temperatures of up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit. Although if you ever reached that depth, the pressure from the water would likely crush you before you were melted.

Are these details making you feel uneasy? If so, you might have thalassophobia, an intense fear of vast bodies of water. While many people enjoy going to the beach or swimming in a warm lake during the summer, for some, these locations can be their worst nightmares. If you consider yourself to be solely a land creature, you may want to avoid reading further. However, if you’re fascinated by the mysteries of the ocean and the incredible force that water possesses, you’re in for an exciting adventure.

Deep Water Swell


A Huge Wave


Alex Dawson’s Award-Winning Viciously Haunting Scuba Diving Photos


When You’re Swimming And Feel Seaweed Touching Your Feet….. But Actually


Posted On R/Damnthatsinteresting But Thought It Fit Better Here


The Finnish Nature Photograph Of The Year By Antti Strang


Standing At The Edge


No Land In Sight?


Freediving Near Iglesias, Italy


This Shot Was Taken Off Moalboal On The Island Of Cebu, Philippines. This Guy Was Free Diving With Just A Mask. I Was Lucky Enough To Catch Him Coming Up Through A Bait Ball. Shot With A 5dsr 8-15 Mm Lens Set At 10 Mm 200th Sec @ F8 2 Ysd1’s


Worlds Smallest Inhabited Island


Thalassophobia And Submechanophobia Combined Into One Photo


The First Underwater Photograph. At A Depth Of 195 Feet In The Mediterranean


In France, “La Fosse Dionne” Is A Seemingly Bottomless Water Pit. Despite Several Attempts By Divers, Its Depth Has Been Impossible To Find. Exploring It Is Now Strictly Controlled As Multiple Deaths Have Occured


Saw This Picture On Facebook From The Page Wonders Of The Planet Earth. A Shipwreck Being Reclaimed By The Sea


The Arch In The Blue Hole, Egypt Which Has Infamously Claimed Up To 200 Lives


Rebreather Diving, Eastern Slovakia


When You Fear Of Flying And Your Fear Of Water Meet Eachother


This Photo Is Anxiety Inducing For Some Reason


Stairs Down To The Flooded Level Deep Inside A Mine


I Used Night Mode On My Phone And…


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