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May 30, 2023

Romanian Photographer Showcases Beauty Across the Globe Through Portraits of Women (20+ Pics)

The definition of beauty is subjective, as it depends on the perception of an individual. However, beauty can be found worldwide. Mihaela Noroc, a portrait photographer from Romania, is showcasing this through her project called “The Atlas of Beauty”. She continues to travel around the world and capture portraits of beautiful women, with her latest collection just released.

Beauty standards can vary significantly around the world, but sincerity and pure elegance always prevail over those depicted in social media. Mihaela Noroc has traveled extensively over the past two years, taking hundreds of portrait shots in different environments. Her goal is to demonstrate that allure is found in our differences rather than trends, beauty standards, money, or race.

She said, “Through my photography, I aim to capture the warmth and tranquility that is unique to the most beautiful women in the world, and that can balance out the negativity we often see in the media. I believe that people should be more aware of other cultures, and beauty can teach us to be more tolerant.”

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1# Ecuador

2# Romania

3# Mumbai, India

4# Wakhi Woman, Afghanistan

5# Sichuan Province, China

6# Colca Valley, Peru

7# Cuba

8# Otavalo, Ecuador

9# Dushanbe, Tajikistan

10# Havana, Cuba

11# Ethiopia

12# Bucharest, Romania

13# Colombian In Ecuador

14# Wakhan Corridor, Afghanistan

15# Peru

16# Beijing, China

17# Little India, Singapore

18# Mawlamyine, Myanmar

19# Istanbul, Turkey

20# New York, USA

21# Maramures, Romania

22# Riga, Latvia

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