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May 31, 2023

These People are Living in 2100 While We’re Stuck in 2023

Have you heard about these amazing new tech innovations hitting the streets? 🚍🔌💻 Dublin’s buses now have USB ports installed so you can charge your phone on the go!  But that’s not even the most mind-blowing part – people are taking laziness to a whole new level and inventing the future! 😎 Who needs expensive gadgets when you can DIY your way to the year 3100?  The future is now and it’s closer than you think with a little bit of science and a whole lot of creativity! 🔬🎨 #TechInnovations #FutureIsNow

1. Now you can take a morning ride even if your office is in your home.

© greendot1001 / reddit

2. Who said you can’t sleep comfortably on a bus?

© NaV3P / imgur

3. No one will escape from this guy.

© GallowB*** / reddit

4. This is Jarvis. He’s a staff member of a hotel in Palo Alto.

© norhymeorreason / imgur

5. When you’re a parent, you gotta be creative.

© Unknown / imgur

7. AliExpress + imagination = future

© PunjabiMacgyver / imgur

8. Meet some school hacks from 3020

© larumanahot / twitter

9. This generation IS brilliant

© MegatronPewPew / imgur

10. I wish I was as creative as this guy.

© OctopussSevenTwo / imgur

11. RoboCop’s dog?

© dankmangos*** / reddit

12. The key to future technologies is simplicity.

© SportyJames1 / imgur

13. They should have patented this.

© be2tofandy / reddit

14. The next level of water for your dog:


15. Breaking news! Some travelers already live in the year 3100.

© willclarke99 / twitter

16. A new outlook on lunch breaks:

© baseballtimeinTexas / imgur

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