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May 31, 2023

Only 90s Kids Will Get These: Relatable Experiences for Pre-2000 Babies

In our youth, we experienced countless moments that have etched themselves into our memories, making them difficult to forget. These could include the compilation CDs we once burned, the VHS tapes we rented on Friday nights for movie marathons, or our early encounters with technology.

This sense of nostalgia transports us back to those cherished times and fills us with warmth. Here are 20+ things that will evoke feelings of nostalgia from your childhood, inspiring you to search through your old storage boxes and rediscover those precious memories.

Netflix during the 90s

The struggle of losing one of those pieces

The golden age of CDs

Movie time at school

iTunes in the golden days

PlayStation 1

Back then when we didn’t know which of these styles to use:

Before Game Boy was invented

The complexity of playing this computer game

The real internet struggle

The TV with a built-in VCR

The most entertaining screen savers

The video instructions for Windows 95

How we used to spend our time in class

The slides on the playground – you either burn alive or electrocute yourself

How we blocked people in the 90’s

The 80s smartwatch

This is where destroyed jeans started.

Sticker collections

The struggle was real.

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