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May 30, 2023

Mind-Blowing Illustration by a Map Enthusiast Reveals the Immense Size of America

Many individuals struggle with reading physical maps, which can be confusing, particularly when attempting to compare sizes. Since the earth is spherical, there is no standard projection method. However, the most widely used one is the Mercator projection, developed by geographer and cartographer Gerardus Mercator in 1569.

In contrast to those who find reading maps challenging, Mkyner is a map enthusiast who created a series of overlapping maps to compare the sizes of various countries to the United States of America.

Upon examining the maps, one can see just how enormous the USA is – it surpasses even the size of Australia!

1. Population: 23,470,145, and all trying to buy a house in Melbourne it seems

#2 Population: 142,122,776

#3 Population: 4,545,627 people and about 30,000,000 sheep

#5 Population: 208,846,892

#6 Population: 1,296,834,042

Expected to pass China in population within a few years. The stripped bit near Winnipeg is occupied by China.

#7  Population: 262,787,403

More than half the population is on that one island running from northern New Mexico to central Oklahoma. The big island in the upper Great Plains and that thing in the Atlantic are mostly jungle.

#8 Population: 1,384,688,986

#9 Population: 25,683,610

Ports: closed.

#10 Population: 11,570,762

#11 Population: 17,925,262

#12 Population: 4,270,480

One of the coolest-shaped countries, like a Needler from Halo.


#13 Population: 44,694,198

#14 Population: 80,457,737

#15 Population: 38,420,687

#16 Population: 99,413,317

#17 Population: 62,246,674

Giving South Carolina the boot.

#18 Population: 126,168,156 and 1 Godzilla

The bullet train will take you from Tokyo, Arkansas to Osaka, Texas in about 2.5hrs

#19 Population: 97,040,334

#20 Population: 343,518

#21 Population: 81,257,239


#22 Population: 65,105,246

#23 Population: 5,537,364

May or may not exist.

#25 Population: 17,151,228

#26 Population: 5,372,191

aka, Occupied West Sweden

#27 Population: 8,793,370

#28 The population of the country of Georgia: 4,926,087

Population of the US State of Georgia: 10,519,475

#29 Population: 43,952,299

IIRC, the Russian-occupied part in the east is roughly New Jersey, Delaware, and a bit of Pennsylvania

#30 Population: 105,893,381

#31 Population: 10,040,995

That’s a lot of Vikings.

#32 Population: 1,000

aka Holy See

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