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May 31, 2023

Japan: 30 Fascinating and Heartwarming Features That Make It One of a Kind

Japan, also known as the Land of the Rising Sun, has captivated people with its unique blend of politeness and quirky sense of humor. Its culture is deeply rooted, and its reference to anime brings out the funniest moments that many enjoy.

The country’s peculiar customs and practices have left Westerners fascinated, with ubiquitous vending machines, bizarre game shows, and maid cafes being just a few examples. To celebrate this culture’s uniqueness, we  have compiled some of its strangest practices, which have become viral sensations, showcasing why the internet can’t seem to get enough of Japan’s charm.

Old People In Japan Clean Up Radiation So The Younger Generation Won’t Have To Expose Themselves To It


Japan’s wholesome and often bewildering traditions, such as the “crying baby sumo” festival where toddlers win by bawling their hearts out, have made the country a viral sensation. Its culture is sometimes comical, bordering on crazy or just plain quirky, making it hard not to love.

One of Japan’s famous trademarks is its vending machines. While the concept itself is not new, the sheer number of machines found everywhere throughout the country surprises almost every tourist. Recent data indicates that there are almost 4 million vending machines in Japan, with roughly one machine for every 30 residents. Impressively, some of these machines dispense unusual items like soup, shrimp broth, and even live rhinoceros beetles. The idea that one of them could fold itself into a real-life Transformer is also pretty tempting!

When People Matter


For those curious about the origins of Studio Ghibli’s inspiration, the beloved animation studio responsible for classics like “My Neighbor Totoro,” look no further than Japan’s deeply rooted traditions. While these customs can leave Westerners amusingly baffled, they serve as a source of inspiration for Studio Ghibli’s creations.

One such tradition is Namahage, which takes place in the northern region of Japan called Akita. The century-old custom involves demonically dressed men visiting homes to scare children. While it may sound like a cause for alarm, it is, in fact, a beloved tradition with parents preparing special meals and waiting until the evil spirits are warded off from their homes. Surprisingly, even children are usually excited about this New Year’s tradition. Namahage is just one example of Japan’s unique customs that inspire Studio Ghibli’s creations.

Mr. And Mrs. Kuroki Of Japan


Japan, Just Japan


This Is 95 Hirane From Japan. I Accidently Entered His Shop To Ask For Directions. So How We Got Talking And Became Good Friends. And Now He Dedicates 2 Hours Everyday To Teaching Me Japanese


Cafe In Japan Gives An Oportunity To Paralyzed People To Feel Fulfilled


It’s Japan As Always


No Cap


There’s A Park In Japan That Lets You Shake Hands With Otters


After Their Shocking Win Against Germany, Japan Fans Stayed After The Match To Clean Up The Stadium. Respect


In Nara, Deers Have Learned To Open The Doors Of Food Establishments And Bow To Ask For Food


When Pope Francis Visted Japan Last Year, He Was Gifted A Custom Anime Robe, Which He Wore


A Tree In Japan Being Removed (With Roots Being Painstakingly Protected) And Being Saved And Moved (Instead Of Being Cleared For Road Widening)


Go Go Godzilla


This Latte Art Made Me Chuckle


Im Crying Over This Old Man In Japan Who Patiently Walks His Giant Tortoise Everyday


Why Is Japan Just So Great


Grandpa In Japan Makes Totoro So People Wouldn’t Be Lonely At The Bus Stop


My Wife Was Visiting Me In Japan When She Suddenly Fell Ill On Her Birthday, When The Nurse Found Out That She Had To Celebrate Her Birthday Alone, She Gifted Her This!


Kindergarten School Buses In Japan


Taking Historic Architecture Into Account When Adding Vending Machines


A Japanese Diver Has Been Entrusted To Oversee One Of Japan’s Shinto Shrines, Which Is Located Beneath The Surface Of Japan’s Tateyama Bay. Over The Decades, He Became Best Friends With One Of The Marine Creatures Who Live Around The Shrine, An Asian Sheepshead Wrasse Named Yoriko


If You Have A Cup Noodle In Japan, You’ll Get Cats On The Inside Of The Lids. However, At A 6% Chance, You’ll Get A Tibetan Fox (Middle Right)


Do You Keep The Plushie?



Japan’s Dedication To Return This Toy Is Adorably Commendable


Japan And Its Erasers


A Japan Fan At The World Cup


Where Do I Sign Up?


In Japan A Cat Named Coco-Chan Alerts People To Elderly Man Who Fell Into Ditch. Humans Make Him Police Chief For A Day. Coco-Chan’s Thoughts: “Hooooomans Are Weirdos”


This Restaurant Being Wholesome


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