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May 30, 2023

From Past to Pointless: 15+ Odd Inventions That Have Lost Their Value

The swift progression of technology has ushered in a multitude of new inventions with each passing day. However, as we venture into the future, even the most cutting-edge marvels can vanish abruptly, rendering what we once deemed state-of-the-art obsolete in an instant.

In our present age, everything whirls by in a hurry. Yet, by casting our gaze back to simpler times, we discover a trove of peculiar inventions that once alleviated the burdens of daily life. Prepare to embark on a journey through time as we explore a captivating assortment of ingenious contrivances.

Ranging from massive aerial cameras that command awe to diving suits that linger in the realm of nightmares, this collection unveils a treasure trove of extraordinary technological achievements.

#1 300 Year Old Library Tool That Enabled A Researcher To Have Seven Books Open At Once, Yet Conveniently Nearby (Palafoxiana Library, Puebla)

#2 In 1955, This Tiny Electric Narrow Gauge Train Was Installed In New York’s Holland Tunnel To Monitor Traffic Speed

#3 350 Year Old Pocket Watch Carved From A Single Colombian Emerald

#4 The World’s Oldest Surviving Diving Suit: The Old Gentleman, From 1860

#5 This Car Is A French ‘Delahaye 175s Roadster’, Introduced At The Paris Motor Show In 1949. Only One Was Ever Made. It Was Recently Sold At Auction For Around Five Million Dollars.

#6 Robo-Vac, A Self-Proppeled Vacuum Cleaner Part Of Whirlpool’s Miracle Kitchen Of The Future, A Display At The 1959 American National Exhibition In Moscow, 1959

#7 Kodak K-24 Camera, Used For Aerial Photography During Ww2 By The Americans

#8 A British Couple Sleeps Inside A “Morrison Shelter” Used As Protection From Collapsing Homes During The WWII ‘Blitz’ Bombing Raids… March 1941

#9 Motorola Vice President John F. Mitchell Showing Off The Dynatac Portable Radio Telephone In New York City In 1973

#10 One-Wheel Motorcycle, Germany, 1925

#11 Helen, An American Indian Telephone And Switchboard Operator, Montana, 1925

#12 Philco Predicta Television From The Late 1950s<

#13 A Rail Zeppelin And A Steam Train Near The Railway Platform. Berlin, Germany, 1931


#14 The Old “Telefontornet” Telephone Tower In Stockholm, Sweden, With Approximately 5,500 Telephone Lines C. 1890

#15 A Thin TV Screen (Only 4 Inches Thick) With An Automatic Timing Device To Record TV Programs For Later Viewing Is The Wave Of The Future As Shown At The Home Furnishings Market In Chicago, Illinois, On June 21, 1961

#16 Soviet Peasants Listen To The Radio For The First Time, 1928

#17 Motorized Roller-Skate Salesman In California, 1961

#18 TV Glasses Decades Before Google Glass, 1960s

#19 The Open Side View Of An Old Calculator

#20 FBI’s Fingerprint Files, 1944

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