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May 30, 2023

20+ Amusing and Ingenious Pictures of Individuals Posing with Statues

Presenting 30 amusing and ingenious pictures of individuals interacting with statues. Typically, when visiting new locations, we like to capture memories with our loved ones near picturesque landscapes, serene beaches, or monumental statues. This article showcases individuals posing with statues in a manner that is both comical and inventive.

Take your time to browse through and enjoy the humor. Each photo is connected to its original source, allowing you to trace back to where it was originally captured. We encourage you to delve deeper and discover more creations from these talented photographers, either from their collections or their personal websites.

#1. Someone saw it

Image Source: ZeroCiipheR

#2. All the single ladies

Image Source: Luqman5739

#3. This one is just brilliant!

Image Source: Imgur

#4. Wheeee

Image Source: esiper

#5. Commitment to the photo!

Image Source: jstrydor

#6. Yeah yeah that’s right

Image Source: ezkimojoe

#7. Ha ha ha

image Source: Imgur

#8. Now I got you, spidey

Image Source: guilleart

#9. Lady, I have no idea. Don’t ask me again

Image Source: Imgur

#10. Let’s dance

Image Source: devabdulsalam

#11. What a drag

Image Source: J2point074

#12. Her facial expression is adorable

Image Source: Legoyman

#13. Lemme explain…

Image Source: Imgur

#14. Maybe he’s showing him cat pics

Image Source: Rold RamCab

#15. His face, lol

Image Source: RocksOnReddit924

#16. Hope it won’t break

Image Source: mickeymoo

#17. Kung-fu fighting!

Image Source: lassondejr

#18. Bear yells, “What did I do!”

Image Source: rephan

#19. That must hurt

Image Source: oly9990

#20. Don’t forget to shave your armpits

Image Source: SirJukesALot

#21. Facial reaction on point

Image Source: Pepoblind

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