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May 30, 2023

20 Intriguing City Gadgets That Should Be Adopted Worldwide

Navigating through cities that prioritize cars over bicycles can be a challenging experience for cyclists. This often leads to frustration, making one either park their bikes or move to a cyclist-friendly environment. Nevertheless, some cities have come up with brilliant gadgets that make it easier for everyone to navigate through traffic, regardless of their mode of transportation.

The Speed Camera Lottery In Stockholm, Sweden

Drive at or under the speed limit and you’ll be entered into a lottery where the prize fund comes from the fines that speeders pay. Average speed reduced from 32 km/h to 25 km/h (a reduction of 22%).

Singapore Traffic Light Allows Seniors/Disabled To Tap Cards To Add Time To Cross

A Bike Pump Permanently Installed Next To The Bike Lock-Up Area

This Pole Matching The Traffic Light

Luminous Road Markings In Nantes, France

Stand For Bikers To Hold On To While Waiting For The Traffic Lights In Sweden

This Traffic Light Shows How Long You Have To Wait

Traffic Light With A Mirror To Allow The Drivers To See The Pedestrians/Cyclists That Are In Their Blind Spots

Luminous Bollards At A Pedestrian Crossing In France

Montpellier, France. Test Of A Bicycle Path With Photoluminescent Paint

A Button For Crossing The Road On A Horse

These Green Rings Of Light Move At The Pace Of The Speed Limit To Help Gauge Speed

In London The Road Tells You Which Way To Look For Traffic Coming

This Traffic Light On The Sidewalk For Pedestrians On Their Phones

New French Concept Of A Luminous Bollard For The Pedestrian Crossings Where There’s No Traffic Lights, It Turn On When Someone Is Detected

The Tactile Paving Changes Colours Depending On The Traffic Lights

Remote Control Used In France By Blind People To Activate The Sound System Of Pedestrian Traffic Lights

Luminous Road Barrier

This Hourglass Shaped Traffic Light

This Kindergarten In Australia Enforcing A One Way Road With Spikes


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