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May 30, 2023

Dad Brings His Child’s Art to Life with Realistic Creatures

Meet Tom and Al, two creative children who love expressing themselves through drawings. From animals to objects, their artwork varies in detail and style. Luckily, their talented dad, Tom, has taken on the challenge of bringing their imaginative creations to life.

Tom explains, “Throughout the years, we’ve transformed countless drawings into living creatures, vehicles, and people. While Tom and Al have grown a bit older and moved on from contributing their own drawings, we still have a treasure trove of their past creations, along with new submissions pouring in every month from talented young artists around the world.”

Scroll down and witness the magic for yourself. All the photos are linked, leading you to their original sources. Feel free to delve further into the works of these amazing photographers through their collections or personal websites.

You can find Tom: Instagram

#1 How it would manage to fly is beyond me


#2 No, just no


#3 This ‘horse’ just looks sad with himself


#4 E.T has nothing on Donald Trump


#5 I can sort of see this one existing


#6 Looks like a cat from Minecraft


#7 Much better than the original, if I say so myself


#8 This body is much better suited to swimming


#9 Is that a bird? A dog? No, it is a monstrosity


#10 So basically, a unicorn whale with tattoos


#11 A cotton ball on two legs


#12 Nobody would ever drink milk if cows looked like this


#13 This is actually quite a cool design


#14 If you want to have nightmares for the rest of your life


#15 This is exactly why I don’t eat bacon


#16 Where is this owl’s other wing?


#17 At least the scorpion looks happy


#18 That monkey has quite a big hand


#19 What even is this?


#20 At least it is perfect recreation


#21 So they look permanently surprised


#22 That beak is horrible


#23 I thought things couldn’t get any worse


#24 Did he come from Monsters Inc?


#25 I dare say the plane is not flight-worthy

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