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May 31, 2023

7 Key Questions to Ask Your Children Before Bedtime to Build Closer Relationships

All parents desire a deep, heartfelt connection with their children—a space where feelings, dreams, and fears can be openly shared.

However, the hustle and bustle of daytime often makes it challenging for moms to foster such an open-hearted relationship with their young ones. That’s why bedtime presents a golden chance for many moms to engage with their little ones on a profound and meaningful level.

1. “Who’s the kindest person that you know and why?”

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By instilling the practice of contemplating kindness before bedtime, you can cultivate a habit in your child to recognize and appreciate kindness in others. Actively seeking out acts of kindness will also make your child aware of their own capacity to be kind in various aspects of life. Moreover, encouraging your kids to contemplate kindness will naturally bring forth their innate kindness, nurturing their compassionate nature.

2. “What made you feel safe today and what didn’t?”

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Learning all the things that make your kid feel safe will help you as a parent know how to build their self-esteem and confidence. Also, learning about the things that didn’t make them feel safe will encourage your kids to come to you and open up about similar things in the future.

3. “What was your favorite part of the day?”

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Asking this question allows your children to relive the feelings they get when they think about their favorite part of the day. It boosts joyful feelings and gives your kids the chance to reflect on the happy moments of the day right before they shut their eyes.

4. “What was the worst part of your day?”

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Developing the skill to identify specific moments of the day that caused your child distress is a vital practice for every parent. This approach fosters a relationship built on trust, enabling your children to freely express their emotions, even regarding topics they may be hesitant to discuss.

It is essential to address negative aspects, such as poor decisions, irresponsibility, or disrespect, as they are inevitable experiences in life. By guiding your children through these challenging moments, you can impart valuable lessons on how to navigate similar situations more effectively in the future.

5. “Do you have any questions about today?”

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At an early age, kids naturally have a lot of questions. And encouraging them to share any insecurities and questions they may have about a particular part of the day will help you build a more trusting relationship with them. And practicing this habit will let you build a “safe space” with them as they’ll be more likely to come to you with any other questions they might have.

6. “What’s something that made you angry today?”

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Your kid may be struggling with something that makes them angry, but you might not know about it if you don’t ask them directly. So asking them to be upfront about the things that make them angry will help them learn how to express emotions at an early age.

7. “What was the nicest thing you did for someone today?”

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By consistently posing this question before bedtime, your children will be inspired to perform acts of kindness in the future, even on days when they haven’t done something nice for anyone. This practice encourages them to seek opportunities to make a positive impact and fosters a desire to share those experiences with you.

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