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May 31, 2023

20+ Brilliant Solutions for Various Issues Shared by Members of This Online Community

Reddit’s r/RedNeckEngineering community is home to 50 ingenious yet unconventional solutions to an array of problems, as shared by its inventive members. Prior to delving into the content of this unique Reddit community, it’s important to advise readers against replicating these methods at home due to safety concerns. The devices and strategies you’ll encounter within this group may, indeed, prompt a significant degree of skepticism due to their potential risk.

Let’s delve into the heart of this humorous subreddit, r/RedNeckEngineering, boasting 354k members and a vibrant history dating back to 2013. Whether the community’s creations are a boon or a bane, we’re about to discover. Each image is linked to its original source, offering an opportunity for you to further explore the creative pursuits of these photographers, be it through their collections or personal websites. Feel free to dig deeper and appreciate their unique perspectives.

#1 Invisible Bottom

Image source: u/CharlieMike111

#2 Solo Couch Carry

Image source: u/muchhodl

#3 Soap holder at my friend’s house

Image source: u/muchos-memes

#4 Self feeding fire

Image source: u/Capt_Irk

#5 Found this fork in my brothers house and asked him why he had done it…. then he ran upstairs to grab his IPad

Image source: u/projectolivine

#6 My 12 year old son modified his bike with carpet for barefoot riding

Image source: u/flaglerite

#7 Alarm System

Image source: u/MeliaDanae

#8 I think this qualifies?

Image source: u/Low_Adhesiveness_763

#9 Redneck repurposing of kids’ recreational toys

Image source: u/Cautious-Damage7575

#10 My local elotero putting a shopping cart to good use

Image source: u/elmexiguero

#11 Found on FB, thought it was pretty slick

Image source: u/[deleted]

#12 Need to relocate your switch?

Image source: u/[deleted]

#13 Your move, NASA

Image source: u/may_sun

#14 Spotted this beauty at a Walmart

Image source: u/turbocharged_autism

#15 Outdoor urinal behind home garage

Image source: u/davidb300z

#16 Fixed the downspout

Image source: u/tsmeagain

#17 This man is before his time

Image source: u/bjs1023113

#18 Heavy Duty Office Chair

Image source: u/Dr_Zol_Epstein_III

#19 Almost unnoticeable

Image source: u/unskillfu11

#20 No foundation? No problem….also… WTF?

Image source: u/anthonysny

#21 Im actually impressed

Image source: u/rusty3474

#22 My gas cap stopped closing properly, so I came up with a solution

Image source: u/0311fml

#23 This counts, right?

Image source: u/LinuxUser13301939

#24 Just don’t bring it to the boil

Image source: u/[deleted]

#25 We like redneck engineering so much in Brasil we have a word for it : “Gambiarra”

Image source: u/pepesiq

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