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May 31, 2023

20 Hilarious Memes From A Facebook Group That Highlights “America’s Cultural Decline Into Idiocy”

In the United States, there are many things that make the country stand out such as its breathtaking national parks, delectable comfort food, diverse landscapes, and rich blend of cultures. However, among the numerous Nobel Prize winners in the country, there are also a few individuals who appear to have missed out on much of their education…

The Facebook group, “America’s Cultural Decline Into Idiocy,” has compiled a collection of photos that document this phenomenon. It is important to note that with a population of 336 million people, not everyone can be the brightest bulb in the box. Therefore, it is unfair to judge the entire country based on these few individuals. Nevertheless, we hope that you will enjoy these photos regardless of whether you are from the US or not. If any of these pictures make you cringe, don’t forget to upvote them!



Michael Orndorff,twitter.com


When you’re so anti-government that you pay extra money to the government to show the government you don’t support them.


Tabitha McCostlin




The only scientific explanation.


According to the group’s about section, “Idiocy is ubiquitous. It’s present everywhere we go. We hear it in people’s conversations, we see it on television, in advertisements, and particularly in signs all over America. It has reached the point where it is not only tolerated but sometimes even defended. If you try to point out this idiocy, you become the bad guy, an insensitive jerk, and sometimes even labeled as prejudiced! Well, America, I’m taking a stand! Because I care about you, I’ll be the bad guy for you!”

The group’s creator states, “My mission is simple: I encounter idiocy everywhere I go, and my goal is to point it out and make you laugh until you cry. My point is subtle, yet somewhat disheartening: we are at risk of becoming a nation of fools! So please share the funny, crazy, innocuous, and downright hilarious examples of idiocy that you come across every day. Let’s enjoy it together!” The group’s purpose is not to criticize or ridicule America or its citizens; it’s simply here to poke fun at some of the most absurd behavior seen in the country and provide some much-needed humor. Therefore, pandas, please understand that this list is not intended to bash America.


Dan Martin


Christian Delgrosso


When you’re an influencer but you don’t know how to use the Roman numerals.


Don Johnson


Melinda Smith Cherry


Han Dunsterville


Chuck Zirkle,twitter.com


Jennifer Hofman


Johann Huber-Gutierrez


Rima Khreish


Silver Elephant


Francisco Ruiz Sánchez


Hammoud Leigh,twitter.com


Mazzy RxSeven

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