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May 30, 2023

20 Compelling Pictures Illustrating the Daily Work Grind

In this world, there are numerous occupations and professions that people engage in, making it easy to be unaware of how others spend their workdays besides oneself.

Consequently, we possess limited knowledge about the true nature of the duties performed by doctors, journalists, firefighters, truck drivers, and other professionals while on the job.

A Dog I Knew In My Last Job. My Job Was To Receive And Redistribute Things Like Food, Medication, Clothing, Blankets And Toys To People Who Need It


Sometimes Working Night Shifts Has Rewards


Firefighter Buddy Saving A Tiny Kitten


To The Karens That Can’t Wear Masks. I Have Asthma And Work 13-Hour Shifts In This


Exhausted Firefighters Resting After Fighting Multiple Fires That Are Still Fustigating Central Portugal. They Are Our National Heroes


I Work At A Cat Shelter. These Are The “Can We Keep Him?” Photos I Sent To My Partner. It Worked


I Work In The Film Industry And I’m Usually Too Shy To Ask For A Picture With An Actor, But I Had To Get One With This Little Guy


Dutch Firefighter After Dousing A Fire In Freezing Conditions


I Work At A Call Center. Whenever I Get A Particularly Rude Caller, I Like To Draw What They Might Look Like. Here’s Lorraine From Today


I Work At A Funeral Home And During A Service Today, Bumped Into An Old Painter


Insanely Jealous Of My Wife’s New Working Conditions


While North America Freezes, These Guys Are Fighting Bushfires In Tasmania, Australia As The Mainland Bakes At 116F


I’m Working At A Pop-Up Animal Shelter At A Local High School For Hurricane Ian


Found This Little Guy At Work Today


Every Thursday Morning My Little Nephew Waits For The Garbage Man To Arrive So He Can Help. Today They Brought Him A WM Hat To Wear


My Uncle, Who Works On An Arctic Research Vessel, Got An Unexpected Visitor Today


Found This Little Trash Heart In My Work Dumpster This Morning


A Firefighter From Washington State After Battling The Wildfire


Exhausted Firefighters In Australia


We Use Hulk Hands To Move Cacti At My Work


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