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May 31, 2023

20 Astounding Coincidences That Defy the Odds and Leave Readers Stunned

🤯 Prepare to be AMAZED! Fate or just plain luck? Some people think everything in life is predestined, while others believe it’s all a series of random events. No matter where you stand on the fate-coincidence debate, these jaw-dropping moments will have you questioning everything!

🎯 We’ve gathered a list of some of the most unbelievable coincidences ever – so perfect, so rare, they’ll make even the most skeptical among us wonder if there’s a hidden force at work. Are they too good to be true, or is the universe just playing games with us?

🤔 What’s the craziest coincidence you’ve ever experienced? Share your stories in the comments below – we can’t wait to read them! 👇


01. What Are The Chances?

✈️ 20 years ago, a young kid attended an air show with his grandpa and uncle. While sitting in an OH58 Kiowa, he knew he was destined to become a pilot. Fast forward to today, he stumbled upon an old photo of himself in the Kiowa, sparking his curiosity.

😮 Little did he know, the very aircraft that inspired him to fly was closer than he thought! After asking around at the airfield, he discovered the Kiowa with the same tail number was not only once there but was sitting on the ramp.

🎉 The unbelievable twist? He’d been flying that EXACT Kiowa for the past month! Dreams really do come true – 20 years later, he’s soaring through the skies in the very aircraft that ignited his passion for flight! 🚁💫


02. This Bird Landed On The Page About Itself

I drink_your_tears

03. Dog Gave Birth To Three Puppies, Each With Their Own Corresponding Number On Their Back


04. Close


05. My Friend Just Got This Once In A Lifetime Picture


06. The Mountains And Trees Lined Up Perfectly On This Camper On The Highway


07. A Dragon Fly Landed On My Friend’s Foot And Mirrored Its Own Tattoo


08. Hometown Zip Code, T-Shirt, Race Number, Finishing Time – All 33607


09. Right Place, Right Time


10. What To Do After A Car Crash?


11. Butterfly Bro Lands On His Own Picture


12. Brother Spent A Year Trying To Get A Lightning Photo. He Caught This Last Night, I Just Noticed The Boat In The Bottom Left


13. Mosquito Killed By A Dart


14. A Flamboyance Of Flamingos… Shaped Like A Flamingo


15. Managed To Catch This Balloon Popping On My Phone


16. Bad Timing


17. Oddest Odd Possible


18. So My Dad, A Fisherman At Lake “Attersee”, Austria, Just Fished Up His Old, Lost Wallet In One Of His Fishnets, After He Had Dropped It Into The Lake 20 Years Ago


19. In Very Rare Circumstances It Is Possible To See A Full 360 Degree Rainbow From An Airplane


20. I Call Bullsh*t, They Obviously Rehearsed This

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