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May 30, 2023

16 Advertising Fails That Are So Hilarious They’ll Brighten Up Your Day

Crafting an advertisement is no easy feat. It involves a multitude of factors such as the product being promoted, the target audience, the medium of advertisement, and the location where it will be displayed. Getting all these elements right requires meticulous planning and attention to detail.

Despite the effort put in by advertisers, there are times when things don’t go as planned. Below, we’ve compiled a collection of advertisements that are so hilariously bad, they almost seem intentional. Whether by mistake or design, these ads missed the mark in a big way.

Get ready to have a laugh as we showcase these epic advertising fails that will leave you wondering how they made it past the drawing board.

1. We’ll start off with this one…

reddit.com / Via reddit.com

#2 This Ad For Graduation Photography

Image source: box_cardinal_peanut

#3. Yikes, I don’t think I can get this out of my head:

reddit.com / Via reddit.com

#4 This Ad Placement

Image source: vadge

#5. Maybe this is a message you shouldn’t pay attention to:

reddit.com / Via reddit.com

#6. That’s one way to market a speaker:

reddit.com / Via reddit.com

#7. I see what they did here:

reddit.com / Via reddit.com

#8. Um, OK:

reddit.com / Via reddit.com

#9. Hahahahahahahaha:

reddit.com / Via reddit.com

#10. Wait, this one is actually really clever, even if its a little gross:

old.reddit.com / Via old.reddit.com

#11 This Guy Must Be Feeling Pretty Great On This Ad

Image source: ErickJail

#12. Maybe this isn’t the best way to market an ice cream social:

reddit.com / Via reddit.com

#13 It Almost Seems Intentional

Image source: Palifaith

#14 Ad placed in the wrong place 

#15 A Bag Of Apples With A Character On It That Got Poisoned By An Apple

Image source: Red_Rolo09

16. Starbucks Slide door Van

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