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May 31, 2023

15+ Photos Where There Are More Things Happening Than It Meets The Eye

Occasionally, we all capture photos that don’t quite turn out as expected. Our eyes may be half-closed or our expressions may appear odd. However, even when we look fantastic in the frame, there’s always a chance that something peculiar and amusing is occurring in the background. Suddenly, the most ordinary shot transforms into a masterpiece.

Presenting to you a brand new collection of photos where the true action unfolds beyond the foreground.

This friendly stingray was eager to participate in the proposal.

© McYay/reddit

This girl seems to be the happiest person in the world.

© PorLaConchetumadree//facebook

“My younger brother got married last weekend. I’m now the only unmarried sibling. I think the photographer was able to capture my awkward pain.”

© unknown author/imgur

“Someone please explain to me why my brother, who graduated in 2015, came to MY graduation dressed like this..”

© Hey_Its_Anelle/twitter

There is one unexpected person in this photo.

© Ferbach/reddit

It’s impossible to decide what’s the best part of this photo: the expression on the face of the drummer or a frankfurter that someone threw at the guitarist.

© ChemicallyCompounded/reddit

“We’ll talk about hairstyles later, first let’s talk about the guy on the bike.”

© Jus_Stu/twitter

The character from “Monopoly” came to a hearing at the Senate.

© ImNotLeet/reddit

Love is when your boyfriend holds your head so that you can drink lying down.

© baddiesfound/twitter

“Probably the weirdest photobomb ever.”

© __aled/twitter

Share the ice cream with me!

© unknown author/reddit

How long will it take you to find the dog in the auditorium?


The girl’s just sunbathing…no, not the one in the foreground.

© Syyraxus/reddit

When it’s not only you who wants to take a selfie at the top of the mountain.

© unknown author/reddit

Sorry, did I interrupt you?

© Wix/twitter

The look of an older brother at the wedding of a younger sister speaks more than a thousand words.

© LukaCat/reddit

“Halloween 1989. My sister is about to have a really bad day.”

© BryanwithaY/reddit

“I’m a reporter, and I take a lot of soccer photos. This is my absolute favorite.”

© anknown author/reddit

“I was sailing on a boat with my family. I sat on the edge to take a beautiful photo against the background of the water, when suddenly two dolphins jumped out of it with their cub. It was the perfect moment for a photo.”

© mlkevazovsky/pikabu

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