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May 30, 2023

10+ Inspiring Images That Will Brighten Your Day

Beyond their apparent simplicity, certain photographs possess a profound depth—each harboring a unique and extraordinary story. A mere glance does not suffice; instead, they compel us to examine them more closely. These captivating images have the power to elicit a spectrum of emotions within us—grief, joy, tenderness—and never fail to leave us impassive.

To showcase the indomitable essence of kindness as an embodiment of love, our team has meticulously curated 15 photographs for your perusal.

Cat house

Little houses like this are provided for stray cats in Turkey. The words ’This is my house. Please don’t damage’ are written on it.

So different, but still together

A tender friendship between a cow and a cat on a farm in Quebec, Canada.

Water fight

The elephants are throwing water on the villagers during the celebration of the New Year (Songkran) in Ayutthaya province, north of Bangkok, Thailand.

Grateful smile

A little donkey saved from the flood was so happy that it seemed to be smiling.

Funny game

Danish policeman playing a guessing game with a little migrant girl in Denmark.

Kindness is everywhere

A flight attendant feeding an old man who has recently undergone a stroke.

Joy of life

Paralyzed dogs get a chance to move and live a happy life as they used to. Lima, Peru

Happy birthday to you

A Zookeeper presents a walrus with a birthday cake made of herring.

Moving library

Ridwan Sururi is selecting new books for a specialized moving library while a boy is looking for something interesting to read. Indonesia

Loving hearts

Naoto Matsumura is the only person who wasn’t afraid of living in the Fukushima Exclusion Zone. He left the town with the others, but then returned to take care of animals left at home.

On the way home

Two boys on their way home after school. Nairobi, Kenya

Disinterested help

During the flood not far from Noakhali District, in the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, a boy named Bilal saw a sinking young deer away from its family. Risking his life, he saved the animal from drowning.

Across the blue field

Two girls running across the field of bluebells. Marlborough, South England

Being kind is easier than it seems

When a mother of five was urgently hospitalized, these young policemen washed all of the dishes in the house and prepared a lunch for the kids.

Life is going on

An old woman playing with a kitten near her house. Shanghai, China

Helping a rocket fly

A young man’s jumping up in the air as a sign of joy at the festival of rockets in Bung Bang Fai to celebrate the long-awaited rainy season. Yasothon, Thailand

More than just a photo

© J. Steinfeld, National Geographic 1987

Prof. Zbigniew Religa who was a Polish pioneer in heart transplantation surgery sits after a successful 23-hour operation, his assistant sleeping in the corner.

Preview photo credit J. Steinfeld, National Geographic 1987

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