Date:October 25, 2020

UPS Driver Snaps Adorable Photos With All The Pooches He Meets On His Route

There are few things more wholesome than UPS drivers bonding with the dogs on their route.

A UPS driver has been posting adorable selfies with dogs he meets along his route in New Orleans.

Jason Hardesty began taking photos about two years ago when he was assigned to a new neighborhood with much friendlier pooches than the one he was previously assigned to.

‘My old route, which was more families, the dogs did not like you,’ Hardesty told Buzzfeed. “They moved me to a different area of town with more people my age, more single people, and the dogs were a lot friendlier.”

This is Jason “Jay” Hardesty, a UPS driver who has the best kind of work friends: doggos.


It started two years ago when Hardesty got moved to a new route in a younger neighborhood. From there, the idea blossomed and he created the #pupsofjay hashtag. Hardesty, who’s been driving for UPS for seven years, remains modest about his account.

“I’m not trying to go anywhere with it. It’s just a fun hobby,” he said.

Jami Attenberg, a novelist who owns a puggle named Sid, is one of the people who lives on Hardesty’s route. It was one of her tweets, posted on Wednesday, that helped spark awareness of Hardesty and his hashtag.

While he grew his own following on Instagram, things recently blew up when author Jami Attenberg — who lives on Hardesty’s route — shared a link to his #pupsofjay tag.

“I have extremely important news and it is this: my sweet UPS guy has a hashtag of all the dogs in the neighborhood,” she wrote, along with a link to the #pupsofjay Instagram page.

Hardesty, 30, has been sharing photos with dogs he meets along his routes in New Orleans and it’s just too adorable.


Attenberg said she learned about the page when Hardesty mentioned it to her when they bumped into each other while she was out with Sid.

While news of the account has spread, Hardesty doesn’t let the hobby overshadow his actual job.

“I discipline myself to only take photos on Friday nights,” he said, noting he does so because that’s the start of the weekend. He also keeps it to one day a week in order to make sure his Instagram page doesn’t get overrun with our four-legged friends. “I don’t want it to be a dog account,” he said.

Attenberg thinks Hardesty’s endeavor is wholesome entertainment that we all need.

He also gets to know the pups. This little one, for example, is Kash.


“There’s a lot of garbage on the internet — people can be made so anxious by it — so it was nice to offer some relief for the day,” she said.

“We deserve some simple pleasures. Also, it was a reminder that the people we interact with every day in small ways can actually have a big impact on our life. I loved seeing how many of my neighbors came out on social media talking about how much they (and their dogs) loved him and how he makes their day.”

“They come to the door and are happy and let you pet them and stuff.”


“I think I gained like 10,000 followers in 48 hours,” said Hardesty.

And it’s easy to see why. The pure joy on Hardesty’s face in the photos is infectious.


He even got a nod from the music producer Neko Case.

And this cutie is Prince.

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Over time he’s developed a few favorites too. This is Oy and Belle.


Hardesty limits himself to posting one dog each Friday evening, “so there’s actually a waiting list of dogs,” he said.


Hardesty doesn’t have a dog himself, so playing with the pups along his route is really a highlight of each day. And the owners love it too.


You can follow Hardesty and his pups on his Instagram account or the tag #pupsofjay.