Date:October 29, 2020

This Woman Captured a Hilarious Video Where a Cat is Watching Two Rats Fight

A woman shared a video of a now-viral fight between two rats, in her Facebook account, and she wrote: “On my way home to this amusing sight!We’re so used to seeing cats fighting. But have you ever seen rats fighting? A cat that never interrupts is a smart cat. Guess which rat did the cat chase after? The one that runs away from my direction or the one that comes towards my direction? Guess correctly, I’ll buy you coffee. Then it happened again and I quickly took a video of the process. They were already running around upon me reaching my block because I heard some sounds.


Cheez Goh also said: “The two rats just gave up and went separate ways. One ran away from the camera, one came towards the camera where I was standing. It didn’t seem to notice I was filming the process and ran towards me. I freaked out as it was approaching me, causing a sudden movement. The rat then ran for its life and that’s when the cat saw that the rat was running and charged towards it. However, the cat missed because the rat went under the drain. The rat was really fast!

She didn’t expect that her video would go crazy viral as it did. “No, I didn’t expect my video to go viral. I thought it was a rare sight! And it was pretty amusing. So I shared!” And, good thing she did, because we’re pretty sure the video chased everybody’s boredom right away!

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