Date:January 29, 2020

This French Marathon Allows Runners to Stop for Wine and Cheese

To be able to run, you must train yourself for years and create a good body conditioning, because marathons aren’t short, and you’re going to need to breathe along those long miles. But this is an opportunity cost because focusing on one thing, such as years of training for marathons, means leaving some others aside, such as social life.

Of course, this isn’t always the case, and sometimes we simply don’t like marathons, because you get tired and there’s nothing to motivate you through all those miles. But keep reading further, because some smart french people have got just the solution for that.

The marathon of wine and cheese and 6.5 hours to ace it, you lazy person, this is what you just have been dreaming of. The Marathon du Medoc in France gives its participants the chance to munch on as much wine and cheese as they want.

This marathon is really one of a kind; you have enough time to go to the end of it, while you go there, you can enjoy vine and cheese, or vineyards and estates along the way, ice cream, and even oysters. Moreover, besides treating yourself (because you’re running a marathon, duh), you will have the chance to enjoy the great views along the entire run, as this marathon takes place on the south-west part of the country that it’s filled with scenic views.

To make this marathon even more exciting and appealing, there is a price for the best dressed one, so each year participants can get themselves into some fancy characters, have fun and enjoy treats.

But still, as amazing as this sounds, you should be careful with the alcohol intake, because you have 26.2 miles (42km) to run, and you don’t want to pass out in the middle of it. Even the time (6.5h), as the organizers say, is enough for everyone, the experts and the amateurs, to finish it, so just take it easy on this part and enjoy a bit from everything.

At the end of the day, you’ll set your body on movement, which is good for your health and blood circulation, enjoy food, the calming views, and do all of this in some fancy clothes to entertain yourself.

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