Date:December 5, 2020

This Artist Removes Make-up From Dolls and Transform Them into Realistic Faces

Snapchat filters and Photoshop and all those beauty standards sometimes make us think that there’s any natural beauty left in this world, makeup, and clothes can become a form of art and self-expression, and yes sometimes it’s really relaxing to see people looking like their natural selves.

Olga Kamenetskaya is an artist from Ukraine that started repainting dolls as a hobby, but it later turned into her profession. Now for some years, Olga has transformed overly made-up and mass-produced dolls into realistic figurines. She strips the dolls’ makeup and opts for bushy facial hair, freckles, and even wrinkles in their skin. The results are so lifelike that you’d expect to see these people walking down the street.

One of the most impactful ways that Kamenetskaya changes her dolls is by knocking the shine off the original iteration. In her fascinating before-and-after photos, you can see she’s tweaked the symmetrical figure by altering its structure some, whether that’s increasing the width of the nose or softening the angles of the cheekbones. Then there’s the repainting of the skin; while many of the original dolls have a glossy sheen, Kamenetskaya uses matte paint and variation in tone. Coupled with a glimmer in their eyes and a soulful expression, each figurine highlights the unique beauty of physical “flaws” and encourages us to love who we are.

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Photo credits: Olga Kamenetskaya