Date:October 25, 2020

These Overdramatic Cats Deserve An Oscar For Their Overly Dramatic Acting

If you’re being called dramatic by someone, show this post to that person.

A certified cat behavior specialist, Rachel Geller, shared her expertise on why some cats are so drama queens and explained that “cats are highly reactive to stress, even to situations that may seem minor to us.

Also, we may perceive them as acting very dramatically because they use their bodies to communicate with us. “For example, a scared cat may puff out his tail. To us, this may seem dramatic, but from the cat’s point of view, this is practical.”

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Rachel explained that if a cat is in fear of an invader or an unknown situation, “the puffed-up tail makes him appear bigger than he really is.” She also said that from a human perspective, cats may look dramatic because of their “big, expressive eyes.” Most often, humans tend to look at their pets from their own point of view and not the cat’s point of view, and this is why we tend to misinterpret things. “We think a cat rolling around on the floor is being dramatic and trying to tell us something, whereas that cat is merely getting a good stretch for her flexible body,” Rachel explained.

The cat behavior expert also said that cats are amazing communicators, but we need to pay attention to what they are saying. “You can learn how to read his signals effectively and develop a better relationship with your cat.” We sometimes think that if the cat is acting dramatically, it is trying to manipulate our emotions. But Rachel assured us that’s not the case. “People do tend to respond to a high-pitched meow, much like we would to a crying baby, but your cat is not manipulating you.” She also added that “manipulation, revenge, and spite are traits we humans can call our very own.

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